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atrielienz ,


QuandaleDingle ,

Man, what better chatbot than Cortana for Xbox…right?

EvilBit ,

“Who’s Cortana? I don’t know who you’re talking about. Surely you’ve mistaken me for someone else. My name’s, uh, Blortana.”

Beardedsausag3 , avatar

Fucken can't wait to hear it tell me how it's gonna bang my mum in 31 different ways and that I'm shit at video games.

SharkAttak , avatar

With the voice of a 12 year old.

TheOneWithTheHair , avatar

“Hi! I’m Clippy! It looks like you’re trying to play Halo. Let’s take you to the Store so you can purchase more DLCs…”

But I just want to play Halo…

“Yes, but the DLCs will make it better!”

But I’m happy with what I already have.

“Oh, look, here’s the store!”

podperson ,
rar ,

Honestly I miss that little metallic bastard with so many software shoving AI in our throats.

nondescripthandle ,

Ooof, poor things gonna be racist by the first 15 mins of its release.

scottmeme ,

Remember that time they ran the experiment

Sabata11792 , avatar

Not the first time Microsoft let an Ai get racist.

FaceDeer , avatar

Modern LLMs don't train during usage, they're pre-trained.

HelloHotel , avatar

Mabe poking it to be racist within the first 15 minutes of messing with it.

wreckedcarzz , avatar

“hi, welcome to the new Xbox experience! Please drink verification can.”

homesweethomeMrL ,

Nobody: . . .

Micro$oft: AI chatbot!

Everybody: No

Micro$oft: We put it in your search engine!

Everybody: No, no, stop. We don’t want

Micro$oft: Bam! AI on your desktop! All day long!

Everybody: Stop with the AI. We don’t want it

Micro$oft: We’re naming it “Ballmer”

Everybody: That’s the worst - just NO to all of

Micro$oft: It’s in your games! Yesssss!

FaceDeer , avatar

If you don't want it, don't use it. If nobody uses it Microsoft doesn't make money from it. If Microsoft doesn't make money from it, they won't run it.

kat_angstrom ,


simple ,

Kinect flashbacks

Tronn4 ,

Despite its forced inclusion into the 360 it did give some of us much needed exercise! Kinect Adventures!!

alekwithak ,

Enough with the AI chatbots. They try to shove one down our throats on our computer desktops, in our browsers, in our messaging apps, now we need to be inundated while trying to game?

dhork ,

They should call it Clippy

VITecNet OP , avatar

Maybe Clippy was more useful…

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