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NigelFrobisher ,

Imagine calling your kid KnockoutJS.

Presi300 , avatar

Yk, you can make fun of old programming languages but the average job offer with one of them is.

Needs to know fortran/cobol

Pay: 8000€/month + benefits and unlimited sick days

Compared to the average web dev job offer:

Needs to know react, redux, angular, PHP (for managing legacy codebases) with 5+ years of experience, needs to be affluent in at least 3 languages and must have a master’s degree in computer science.

Pay: 1500€/month

Kache ,

That’s only because the former already implies much of the latter, so they don’t need to repeat it

Psyhackological , avatar

Well in Poland we have so many girls named “Julia”, so you know…

Daxtron2 ,

Little Fortran walks into the living room.

“Mom, dad. I have something important I need to tell you, but I’m scared you’ll be mad at me”

“We’ll still love you no matter what honey.”

“OK, I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I need to come out and say it. Mom and dad, I’m a frontend developer”

“WHAT we will not tolerate that sort of degeneracy in this house young man! Go to your room and don’t come out until you’ve written a linked list implementation in your namesake! And no more talk of this front end stuff”

Artyom ,

Honestly, fair, even if his name wasn’t fortran.

neclimdul ,

I mean, Fortran isn’t even dead. It was updated last year. Weird but it’s still a used language.

Scribbd ,

And it is still living in weather forecasting models used by many weather institutes.

Source: Work for a weather institute.

neclimdul ,

And a lot of science libraries.

Source: married to a physicist.

python ,

We use those too! The weather forecasting models are really important for calculating prices in the German Energy market. My company is even paying people extra for learning Fortran to do these tasks. It’s really weird to talk to 20-something y/o people who actively use Fortran.

naevaTheRat , avatar

All the best linalg libraries are in FORTRAN.

Pretty sure numpy hooks into them. I don’t know anyone who uses computers for serious work that doesn’t use FORTRAN. It’s the best.

jxk ,

Yep, and Matlab too I think

naevaTheRat , avatar

MATLAB is just scipy for people that wear ties.

model_tar_gz ,

Let’s fucking GO already!

pacology , avatar

Maybe it’s time to go to the court house and change their name to Lua?

jaypatelani , avatar

Ada is good name for girl child

snowsuit2654 , avatar

Ada is a feminine name. The Ada language is named after Ada Lovelace.…/Ada_(programming_language)

rickyrigatoni ,

What about girl adult or woman child

Zannsolo ,

Was going to give my daughter the middle name Ada until my best friend for 20+ years pointed out Jenny Ate A Dick or if she was heavier food items Jenny is not my daughter’s name but used for an example.

Tbh I still wanted to use it but my wife said no. I also lost the battle for Grace, and Marie. I gave up and let her pick the middle name in the delivery room all hopped up on hormones. I’m pretty sure she regrets the choice since we have never mentioned her middle name in 6 months.

tiredofsametab ,

I knew a guy who worked with stuff at Nasa programmed in Ada and who named his daughter Ada :)

driving_crooner , avatar

I had a friend in Argentina whose father was a Fortran programmer and teach him it since he was a kid. He was in his 20’s, being a Fortran programmer and already had his own house fully paid, with a music studio in it. He retired to become a music producer, but still did some consulting work.

Good luck little Fortran, hope you can learn and enjoy your work.

LemmyKnowsBest ,

So are you saying Fortran Programming is a lucrative skill?

driving_crooner , avatar

Looking up, in the US its have an average salary of 100k at year. Not sure how that compares with other programming languages. He worked for an oil company, so I guess he had an above average salary for that.

lseif ,

parents are Mr and Mrs C. and C. Plusplus

ICastFist , avatar

Neither of them are very sharp

lseif ,

and we dont talk about their half cousin Objective

xantoxis ,

This kid’s full name is Fortran Sucksdontlearnit Johnson. His parents actually hated Fortran. Imagine the disappointment they’re about to experience.

Suppoze , avatar

This kid is gonna get rich if they stick to it

BmeBenji ,

I named my daughter Rubyonrails

We call her “On” for short

tetris11 , avatar

Little Ruby Rhonda

driving_crooner , avatar

My first cat was called Rails, but he scaped home to never be see again. The second Ruby, but she died the next day we adopted her. The third one, Rails 2, but we call him Rails because is shorter, he’s 10 yo now.

M68040 , avatar

Assigned System/370 Operator At Birth

agentshags , avatar

Famous as AMOS

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