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FuglyDuck , avatar

“Is that a snake in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?”

“Snake. Definitely a snake.”


“Tell me about. His ballsss sssmell like old gym sssocksss.”

SharkEatingBreakfast , avatar

Folks be makin’ jokes, but, sadly, animal trafficking is a real problem. Who knows what those poor snakes were going to be used for. It’s tremendously sad.

flango ,


apocalypticat , (edited ) avatar

100 snakes in trousers

Are there 100 single-legged trousers, or 50 trousers with 2 snakes in each leg trouser?

Obi , avatar

If there’s 2 snakes in each legs then you only need 25 trousers.

tacosanonymous ,

That’s approximately 100 too many.

Zachariah , avatar



Noodle07 ,

On average a person has approximately .5 snake in their pants

prettybunnys ,

More like .7 after this mfer

Nacktmull , avatar

However, only one of the snakes was one-eyed.

aeronmelon ,

Wasn’t this a scene from an Ernest movie?

HeckGazer ,

Alright, showoff

NounsAndWords ,

“Is that 100 snakes in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?”

Blackout , (edited ) avatar

Hmm. I think I've heard this confucius saying before. How does it go... Man in China caught with 100 snakes in trousers suffers not from reptile disfunction.

ZoopZeZoop ,

With that many snakes in there, I feel like he was in the snakes’ trousers.

Better headline: Man Caught in Snakes’ Trousers!

Arve ,

I have had it with these motherfucking snakes in these motherfucking pants!

Diplomjodler3 ,

I’ll stick with a single trouser snake, thank you.

over_clox ,

There are specialists that can help you have that removed if you need…

Diplomjodler3 ,

Nah, I kinda like it.

over_clox ,

Congratulations! 👍

Drunemeton , avatar

Kinda? I love mine! I call him Shirley…

Marighost , avatar

Is that a snake in your trousers or is that a snake in your trousers or is that a snake in your trousers or

Iamsqueegee ,

No. Jusssst realllly happy to sssssee you!

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