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Are business cards still a thing?

Do people still hand out physical business cards at events or is it all digital now?

i should have asked before ordering 50, lol


Thank you for all the replies, I’ve got the answer I need but I’ll add some more information just in case anyone wants to know.

  • I’m based in Europe and not Japan
  • I’m working as a videographer and trying to build a film company
  • I plan on doing more event coverage so I’ll bring them with to quickly hand out my contact details.
  • The card has the following: Busines name, my name, phone number, email, and website.
  • I had thought about adding my social media but couldn’t find a nice way to do it that matched the rest of the card.

EDIT 2: just now realised I didn’t complete the last sentence of the last bullet point

AgentGrimstone ,

Yep. We just ordered a big batch for some upcoming events. Print is still alive.

kandoh ,

Yes, giving someone a disposable card is still better than the awkwardness of tapping phones or whatever nonsense they do now.

Monument ,

I don’t need business cards, but I want to get some nice ones with just my name that I can write the information I want people to have.
I guess it’s more of a calling card, really.

Skanky ,

Our company recently switched from paper to digital (popl).

It’s incredibly clunky and frustrating having to explain to literally every new contact that we don’t have cards and they have to use their phone to share info.

So, yes. Please keep paper cards a thing

rasterweb , avatar

Yes. I work for a small company and we do give out business cards at events if someone asks or if we really hope they'll follow up with us later. To me they often serve more as a helpful reminder more than a device to convey contact information.

laughterlaughter ,

There are digital business card apps like and hihello.

I’ve used both and they’re decent for networking in tech events.

danhab99 , avatar

I put a QR code on my smart watch with a 🔗 nk to my website

TrickDacy ,

I’m based in Europe and not Japan

Ah, thanks for clarifying that you’re in the non Japanese part of Europe

Thorny_Insight ,

I handed out 4 just yesterday. I guess it depends on the kind of work you’re doing. I’m a home improvement contractor and people often ask if they can give my number to their friend/neighbour etc. so I just hand them few business cards to spread around.

neidu2 ,

Yes. Not as important as they used to be, but they’re still highly useful in some situation. I use(d) them a lot in my current as well as my previous job. Long story short, these jobs involve showing up on site in the middle of nowhere, meeting someone who I’ve never met before. I then set up thingamajig A as well as fix thingamajig B. Before I leave I make sure to leave a card with my contact details in case they have questions or anything more is needed.

foggy ,

Yes, absolutely.

Depends on your profession, but yes.

Cryophilia ,

Yeah, they’re really handy. I work for a big company who deals with other big companies, it’s often very helpful to get a specific contact person’s info so a future request isn’t filtered through layers of bureaucracy.

noughtnaut , (edited ) avatar

I carry some because it’s no longer a thing. My card has only the information that I know will not change: my name, email address, and mobile phone number. On the back there’s a QR code (which contrasts the otherwise vintage look).

I hand out perhaps one per month so not super often, and many times the most appropriate thing to do is to simply tell people my phone number. But sometimes, especially when we’re in a situation where phones are not nearby, it’s quite effective to hand over a pre-made card with that info.

The average reaction is “Oh, cool” so even if they toss it once they’ve copied the info (which, tbh, is my expectation) it will still have made the exchange slightly out of the ordinary.

Plus, sometimes they’re useful to stop a table from rattling, or leave a message for someone who’s not currently present, and so on.

theskyisfalling ,

I am a print finisher in the UK and yes we still do a lot of business cards for people. More often than not these days though it tends to be more high end finishes things like foiling, duplex or triplexing with different coloured stocks, round corners etc.

Ten years ago and back we did a lot more high quantity shitty cards but I also worked in a more generic print place then so they may still get pumped through bigger places.

I’m actually foiling some business cards right now xD

Gradually_Adjusting , avatar

I dunno. Paper ones are kinda like tiny junk mail to me, but with the added guilt trip of being tied to a real identity. If someone handed me a business card that was actually a sticker though, I’d be quietly delighted and think of them every time I saw it.

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