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American woman killed in apparent crossfire in a drug dispute at the Mexican beach resort of Tulum

An American woman and a man from Belize have been killed in what appears to have been a dispute between drug dealers at a beach club in the Mexican resort city of Tulum, officials confirmed Sunday.

Prosecutors in the Caribbean coast state of Quintana Roo stressed the American woman had no connection to an alleged drug dealer also killed in the shooting Friday night. Prosecutors didn’t provide the woman’s name or hometown, and the U.S. Embassy did not respond to a request for comment.

The woman may have simply been caught in the crossfire. Prosecutors denied reports in local media that the two may have been a couple, saying a photo of the Belizean man showed him with a completely different woman.

ABoxOfPhotons ,

The cartels own a lot of the resorts over there and purposefully keep them quiet because they are very profitable which mans the people involved are likely going to be murdered for putting profits in jeopardy.

LibertyLizard , avatar

Going there in a week… wish me luck lol

S_204 ,

I’m there now lol. We fly back to Canada today. It’s fine on the resorts, don’t hit up the beach clubs.

ShepherdPie ,

It’s a beautiful beach.

sylver_dragon ,

According to the US State Department Travel Advisory, it’s reasonably safe, just keep your eyes open, stay in well traveled areas and avoid “potentially dangerous situations”.

sugarfree , avatar

Do not vacation in countries where the number of murders each year is measured in the tens of thousands, they are not safe.

Mr_Blott ,

I take it you don’t work for the tourist board in the US then 😂

MxM111 , avatar

The resorts in that area are behind guarded walls. The woman, judging by the article, was not in resort, but in Tulum city/town, and likely not in those historical ruins.

Cosmonauticus , (edited )

Kinda doesn’t make sense to travel to 1000s of miles to a country and spend it all behind the walls of some artificial, hermetically sealed resort. Kinda defeats the purpose

IWantToFuckSpez ,

The only reason for such a vacation is because it’s cheap since you can exploit the extreme wealth disparity.

S_204 ,

I’m there literally right now. If you want to escape the cold of a Canadian winter and hang out in the sun by the beach, while having your food and drinks be a non concern for you and your family for a week it makes sense. It’s not how I’ve travelled most of my life but it’s not a bad way to break up the winter.

It’s absolutely fucked watching the waste this creates though. Watching people toss full plates of food is gross.

MxM111 , avatar

There are other well guarded touristy places, like those Maya ruins, cenotes, etc. when travel into such country, one has to know where it is safe, and where it is not. Those areas are quite visibly separated in that place of Mexico.

ShepherdPie ,

You can walk down the beach where it’s open to anyone. It was a really nice place. I’d rather get shot there than in San Diego or Miami if I had to choose.

Deceptichum , avatar
jmcs ,

Exactly. You should read the travel advice other countries issue for people traveling the US.

Buckshot ,

Here’s the UKs advice…/safety-and-security

jmcs ,

Portugal keeps a list of no-go areas: ……/estados-unidos-da-america#condicoes…

Zahille7 ,

Lol I love how it’s all in Portuguese, then they get to San Diego and list the neighborhoods in English.

psycho_driver ,

His point still stands.

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