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I had a really nice moment last night

I finally formatted one of my 1 TB SSDs as EXT4 to make room for games on my install.

Then, I installed Transport Fever 2 and played it through my

And you know what? It just worked. It was a miracle! I just happily played for an hour without even noticing I'm not running . Zero tinkering. Thanks . ☺

@linux_gaming @linux_gaming @linux_gaming

usbpc ,

Awesome that it worked for you! I don’t have the motivation to do that yet, maybe some day Windows becomes so bad that I actually want to switch.

scutiger ,

My experience with Ubuntu was that it took me about as long to get it installed and set up the way I wanted as it would for a Windows installation. To get it up and running barebones is about the same as well, but Windows has so much bloatware and advertising that I refuse to allow on my computer. It also forcibly reinstalls software at every update that I removed previously because I just don’t need/want it there.

I can respect the lack of motivation to commit to learning to use a new OS though. It does take some adjustment, and sometimes there’s no alternative to specific software that you may need. For the most part though, it’s a pretty seamless transition nowadays.

bgtlover ,

@AudraTran @linux_gaming what was that last thing? an image? if so, can you put alt text on it, I dk what it's supposed to mean. Also, it does work for me, as in, I was able to follow the group and post some comments on specific threads, though unfortunately they appear on the other side with no username, at least none I can see, maybe there's an avatar but it's not labeled

bgtlover ,

for those of you who are passionate about , even if on the or , be that on , , or something else, I recommend you subscribe to the lemi sub...what, reddit, thread? dedicated to this:
Even if you don't make an account on or another such instance, you can subscribe to the sub, by putting that handle in your search bar, or clicking it here if you're on mastodon, since lemi is a fediverse platform. I dk if the r/linuxgaming community will be going away soon, but given what's happening with reddit, maybe it won't shut down when the protests are over, if they ever will be, which I hope is not likely.

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