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CodexArcanum ,

You talking about !garfieldism ? This seems like it would fit, yeah

RIP_Cheems , avatar

I hate that fuckin cat

Klear ,


Socsa ,


Agent641 ,

Dog bad cat good.

BreadOven ,

Check it out guys, I’m the Grungler.

MashedTech ,

Ooo, good grungler impression.

BreadOven ,


gmtom ,

Haha grungle

TotallyNotSpez ,

I’m a subscriber of Feddit’s Garfiel comics sub and I was highly confused here for a second… ^^

marduk ,

I’m feeling a lossy uncanny valley here

Annoyed_Crabby ,

Is this Gain?

Viking_Hippie ,

No, this is pain.

EdibleFriend , avatar

This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

shasta ,

I feel like I’m missing some Garfield lore to really understand this one. Why does he want big boobs?

Contramuffin ,

It’s a parody of shitty romcom dramas where there’s a handicapped girl and the boyfriend eventually decides to donate his [insert random organ] to cure the girl (thereby taking on the handicap himself). Artificial and forced drama, basically. The humor comes from the fact that Garfield taking the boobs implies that 1) someone needed to take the boobs and 2) having big boobs was a curse that needed to be endured.

thefartographer ,

The humor comes from the fact that Garfield taking the boobs implies that 1) someone needed to take the boobs…

I hope that I never forget the moment that I read this beautiful disaster of a sentence created at the crossroads of the internet doing the internet thing. I look forward to the day that I awkwardly chuckle at an inappropriate time because I suddenly recall “someone needed to take the boobs.”

Thassodar ,

I will. I will take the boobs. Send them all my way. My mother would be proud.

IMongoose ,

This is lampooning another story on someone needing a heart or something. They go to surgery, wake up, “where do you think we got the heart from”, dead Garfield.

shasta ,

Oooh ok that makes sense, and that’s pretty funny. I just haven’t seen that trope in a very long time so I forgot about it

PapaStevesy ,

Nah, you found it

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