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intensely_human ,

The Presidents of the United States of America fit the bill

Krzd , avatar

The lonely island. Although they’re always silly and funny, not just often.

Schmuppes ,

Steel Panther, before they jumped the shark.

Trollivier ,


FireWire400 , avatar

Peter Gabriel era Genesis was pretty goofy, as well as some of his solo stuff.

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard is pretty much the goofiest band known to man right now; especially if you listen to their earlier stuff like Cellophane or Vegemite.

daltotron ,

I second most of these other recommendations, but since I haven’t seen them said yet, The Magnetic Fields. Somehow manages to be funny while also being very geniune and touching, which I think is kind of what I look for in a band.

atlasraven31 ,

Mindless Self Indulgence.

lemonmelon ,

The Aquabats

gramie ,

Captain Sensible. He was the guitarist for the punk band The Damned, but had a #1 hit in the UK with “Happy Talk”, a song from the 1949 musical South Pacific.

CarCdrCons ,

Southern Culture on the Skids

The Reverend Horton Heat

Camper Van Beethoven

piranhaphish ,


JohnBrownNote ,

if ska counts, reel big fish

MDKAOD , (edited )

Nerf Herder

No More Kings

USSEthernet ,

In my search for artists like the Beastie Boys I came across Joey Valence & Brae and I’m loving their music.

KingThrillgore , avatar

I don’t know if its ‘silly’ but Health runs a phone number, a discord, and subjects Johnny to a bunch of miserable shit for laughs I guess.

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