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US Lemmys what could Biden do in the next 6 months to EARN your vote? (other than just not being Trump)

Sorry this is kinda political. Is there an asklemmypolitics group this would be better for? I’m hoping not to get into the libs vs progressives political debate we see everywhere on here… Just want to know what people are actually looking for.

mister_monster ,

There’s only one thing he could do to make me consider putting in effort to support him, and that’s to stop giving all material aid to Israel.

Lolman228 ,


janus2 , avatar

do literally anything that suggests he’s thinking about people’s wellbeing rather than some lobbyist’s agenda for 5 seconds

livus , avatar

You should probably also ask this in [email protected].

It's an interesting case because studies have found that there are certain core issues where if a candidate doesn't match their stance on it, voters are unwilling to engage with that candidate's other policies.

Stuff like abortion, gun control. Genocide looks like one of those issues.

Xanis ,

He’s not earned my vote, he just hasn’t lost it because of the potential loss we may suffer at the hands of the current GOP. I believe that Biden has done quite a bit. He also seems oddly stubborn regarding Gaza, which is obviously a pretty big mistake. However, I foresee an entire world negatively impacted by Trump becoming President once again. Yeah, I heavily dislike feeling forced to vote for Biden over someone else. Yet I have seen Biden roll over on many issues and take many positive steps. At least with him there seems to be a way forward where we will still be able to voice our concerns and where the people within our borders who are not white and others who are not straight don’t have to fear for their lives or their freedom.

With Biden in for a second term we will have something we desperately need now that we seem to have finally begun coming together to some degree: Time. With Trump there is a real possibility that Gaza will become lower on everyone’s list as people we consider friends, family, and neighbors are targeted. It isn’t that the terrible situation in Gaza isn’t important. I just recognize it’s being used to divide us and risks us falling into the trap of dictatorship.

taiyang ,

He kind of already earned my vote by subsidizing my clean energy HVAC (which I reinvested in a TV, lol) but I also look at places like Japan and am glad our inflation isn’t as bad as it could have been. The yen lost so much purchasing power, in particular cause of not raising interest. We support family there, so our money goes a longer way. It’s nice.

From now to November, though? Harder to say given he’s hamstrung by Congress. There’s dozens of things any administration could do to make the U.S. a better place, with public transportation, environment and education being some of my concerns. Education in particular isn’t nearly addressed enough, and early childhood education policies in particular impact me personally. I’d be so down for a free program for my 2 year old!

But that ain’t gonna happen, lol.

snowday ,

Stop funding genocide.

otp ,

Make me eligible to vote. That’s about the only thing he CAN do.

(I’m Canadian)

0_0j , avatar

US can most definitely pull this off

On that day, it becomes the new norm

electric_nan ,

IMO, there is a single issue of any relative importance right now, and that is the genocide in Gaza. The longer Biden does nothing about it, the harder it will be to earn my vote. Already at this point, simply stopping all aid yo Israel is likely not enough. I would need to see the US voting for sanctions against Israel in the UN, for war crimes charges against the Israeli government and IDF command. I would also accept a decapitation strike on the Israeli government, and a UN peacekeeping force deployed to the region.

TrueStoryBob , (edited )

He’s already got my vote. He’s by zero means perfect, but I live in a swing state and cannot throw out “meh it’s terrible, but good enough considering” because it’s not perfect.

Here’s some things he could do to make “meh, it’s terrible but” into just “good”:

  • Put any kind of pressure on Israel.
  • Expand the Supreme Court.
  • Executive order giving the NLRB Sectorial Bargaining at the Federal Level.
  • Force the FCC to regulate data collection.
  • Go back in time and allow the railroad workers to strike and threaten nationalization if the hedge funds that own the railroads don’t play ball.
Machindo ,

Spot on!

Bitrot , avatar

I hate him, but him losing is an existential threat to many people I care about (many who are already suffering under republican state legislatures). It will do nothing for Gaza either.

I am bitter that this is the state of things.

LinkOpensChest_wav , avatar

The two main things would be completely ending support for Israel and taking at least some meaningful steps toward ending border fascism and at the very least stop using the myth of a “border crisis” to pander to the ignorance of constituents.

If he’d do at least these two things, I’d at least feel hopeful that he’d do some more good going forward, but instead he’s only thrown more and more fuel on these racist dumpster fires.

Cowbee ,

Stopping genocide would be fantastic, for starters.

Pushing for workplace reform like workplace democracy, mandatory unionization, nationalizing industries like Healthcare, and so forth would be incredible, so getting started and getting the ball rolling on those would be much appreciated.

cupcakezealot , avatar

he’s been one of the most progressive presidents in recent history. he already has it… only the perpetually online twitter brigade would think otherwise.

venusaur , avatar

Stop sending money to Israel, or forgive student debt, or vehemently support RCV and reformation of the electoral college and restricting stock trading by members of the government.


Stop funding a genocide

Abolish the police

Abolish prisons

Abolish the military

Reverse course on climate change

Open up the borders

Drop all student loans, pay back previous loans with interest

Free college

Drop the TikTok ban and replace it with a data privacy law

Cancel all defense contracts

Do any one of these for real and I’ll vote for him. But I have my doubts…

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