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Because anyone with a computer can host a peertube instance. Therefore is you want your videos on peertube it will cost you nothing more than what you already have : a computer running and an internet access.

The only real barrier is having the time and the knowledge to set it up.

Peertube is tech solution to host video, not a way to make money with videos. Monetisation can be done with peertube, but it’s up to creators to set it up.

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Hosting cost money, so an host can setup a patreon to make money to host his peertube instance.

Monetisation like YouTube-monetisation means ads everywhere because, monetisation on YouTube comes from publicity.

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Because YouTube wants you to not think, but just provide content and shut up.

Peertube (libre softwares in generals) requires to think about things and to make choices by yourself. It doesn’t try to be more than what it is = a tool for easily host videos.

Peertube isn’t a platform.

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Well if you don’t know how to operate a car, you should not drive. If you don’t know the basics, you won’t be able to do small repairs yourself. If you don’t know nothing about cars at all, you will likely have to paid more than someone with more knowledge to obtain the same result. Ask any cab if he just pays and doesn’t know anything about cars.

If you’re a video creator who wants to make money with your videos, you should be knowledgeable about monetisation and video making. Don’t be lazy, it’s just your job.

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Op wasn’t very specific on what monetisation he was talking about either.

What is your point exactly?

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I would say that the comparison hit a wall here. It seems that there is nothing between pushing a button to get money and learning how peertube is coded and is working internally for you… To be fair to YouTube creators, pushing a button isn’t enough to make you money in most cases.

There is 2 things here: 1_ you want to make and host video. 2_ you want to make videos and make money with it.

In case 1 you don’t care about money, so there is no problem. In case 2 you want money, to me if you want money you should know how to make money with the tools you have (or use other tools if needed). I agree that with Peertube it’s harder to move from case 1 to case 2 easily as it is with YouTube. But the main focus of YouTube in the last years is not sharing content but making money. As I was saying Peertube is a video host software not a tool to make money with videos. It isn’t build with this goal set as the primary one.

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1/ I just gave one example of monetisation that is working with peertube as it is now.

2/ And I explain briefly why most replies make the link with monetisation and ads.

I didn’t make any assumption in 1, I answer the question : monetisation on peertube is possible right now. In 2, I assume Op didn’t understand why people react often as if monetisation was equal to ads. But I didn’t assume Op was talking about that specifically, because if I was I wouldn’t have suggested an alternative monetisation system in 1 in the first place.

Lastly, you used the word crazy about me two sentences in a row, on a two sentences post. Chill.

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Where did I say the statement was wrong ? Please elaborate.

How people manage to play and chat online with random people?

This may sound dumb for some of you but I just can’t play online, or at least I can’t play anything with chat or a very social aspect. That’s why I only play tekken on my xbox since that doesn’t require socialisation but I have so many games and I feel half of them are worthless now that I finished the campaigns because...

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Just play games you like, you can play most multiplayer games with randoms without chatting or talking. You will probably miss some fun, but it’s not a big deal I assure you.

Just play the game you want to play, you’re not the only one who does it without talking online (like me).

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This isn’t working, it never have, consumers can’t ‘vote with their money’ in face of constant capitalism and heavy marketing.

This is why regulations are needed.

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I have no problem with you believing on the market auto-balancing itself at the sole benefit of the users. But it is just you believing something, and you are lucky you can afford to live in a way that enforce that belief.

In my country there was an unregulated market for everything (in the 19th), and workers (among them children) were getting very low paiement with the excuse that they weren’t working enough. So I don’t believe in the auto regulated market in the benefits of users.

Let’s take the tobacco industry (based on slavery and addiction) do you think it is an industry that thrives on the good health of people ? No, tobacco needs regulation to start lowering the number of people killing themself with cigs.

You can make up examples (and I can do myself a all bunch of things with ‘ifs’) but I prefer some facts and some studies as arguments.

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I let you search them online : Osiris Saline, Pablo Hasel, Plagiat (songs in some kind of bizarre french), Sebkha-Chott (old band from Plagiat members), Circus Marcus (piano/emotional music). You can find them on Bandcamp or My own solo project called NT, although good luck to find it.

Mostly you should look for band that publish under libre/free licences, as they are often leftist, feminist and they are political by design.

From more ‘conventional bands’ : Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Laibach, The Residents, DJ Spooky.

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Navigator , avatar if you are looking for a public place.

If you are looking for private use, I would recommend taking a small/old PC and run Yunohost with Nextcloud.

Also all depend on the stuff you’re talking about…

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Indeed, that’s why I talked about Yunohost. Nextcloud install is just one click button on Yunohost.

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Puppy linux (debian version), small, light, 32b.

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What do you mean by ‘sequencing features’ ?

Try LMMS, it’s close to the old flstudio and there will be no need for piracy. There are also some free daws that might interest you as such as Ardour or Zrythm.

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In that case you should find midi arpeggiators plugins. There are many in lv2 format that are easy to find and to use (like euclidean rhythm and such).

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So yeah but errrr no…

Why not releasing assets? Or looking for free/open assets in the first place?

Why the code would be ‘just for reference’, if the game needs to be ported or if you lose the source code, releasing it under a libre licence will be pretty useful.

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You can have a closed source version on console and a libre or open version for PC.

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Well, I’d say libre software comes with an activist approach on this kind of non-sense. It would be appropriate to make some kind of statement regarding this issue.

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Ok, regarding to the assets you can release them under their initial licence with the code on another one. It’s not a problem.

You can even publish things under multiple licences if they aren’t exclusive (I’ve done this on my game).

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You should use Ardour, it’s a DAW with native linux version. It’s free for Linux users and it’s a free software.

LMMS isn’t really a DAW, as it can’t really manipulate audio easily, only midi. Reaper and Bitweeg have native Linux version but aren’t free softwares.

Windows Vst are running fine on linux these days, but on Linux there are a lot of audio plugins on Lv2 format you should try as well… Lastly, native vst for Linux do exist and work flawlessly.

Edit: as a general rule, audio in Linux is fairly different than on windows/macos, because it allows more flexible workflows, with the use of multiple softwares in sync to get the best of their abilities. For instance I make professional audio mainly with Ardour but I also use rosegarden, guitarix, luppp, non-daw, open stage control or pure data for some specific functions.

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It can but looping the audio file will make a ‘click’ noise. And there is no audio region handling so it’s hard to know where the audio file ends visually on the main timeline.

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No shit Sherlock!

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What a minute, I’m pretty I know the answer to this one …

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You are a power user yourself, of course you dont see ads. But most of the people will see ones because they aren’t power users.

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Do you think regular people uninstall apps they do not need?

Specially Microsoft apps, you know you can uninstall them, most people won’t remove them by fear of breaking Windows, thinking theses apps are here for a good reason…

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It’s not the point.

People see an app marked as Microsoft, they are using Windows by Microsoft so they assume the app is part of the system. Therefore they won’t even guess they can uninstall the app to begin with.

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You could try Cyberpunk 2077, Dishonored 1&2, Prey before giving any money to Ubisoft. + Half-Life 2, BioShock trilogy, Fear if you want more action.

If you aren’t against rpgs go play Dragon Age:Origins, Mass Effect trilogy or Baldur’s Gate 3. Or Alpha Protocol ?

If oldies doesn’t scare you : Vampire Bloodlines, Deus Ex, Half-Life, Baldur’s Gate 1&2, Planescape Torment, Thief 1&2, and some point’n click games also…

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It is and I never have stability issues on PC. Bugs yes and the 3 years update have getting rid of the most annoying ones.

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Hum it isn’t I’ll check it out thx.

Edit : fixed, thank you didn’t pay attention and tick the box by mistake.

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You’re welcome. You could also try Systemshock 1&2 it’s the same era as Deus Ex.

I tried, I really did

I’ve been an IT professional for 20 years now, but I’ve mainly dealt with Windows. I’ve worked with Linux servers through out the years, but never had Linux as a daily driver. And I decided it was time to change. I only had 2 requirements. One, I need to be able to use my Nvidia 3080 ti for local LLM and I need to be able...

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It’s being 2 people in front of the screen instead of one.

It’s something related to the main advice I can give to someone wanting to try Linux = do not be alone and ask for help a lot.

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