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Rosco ,

Why are all far-right political figures batshit insane? I mean they’re already racist greedy assholes, do they really need to be even more unlikable…?

Diplomjodler ,

They work by whipping up outrage. They have to be ever more extreme to keep the machine going.

kusukasaka281 ,

Because he is a zionist.

NigelFrobisher ,

If this twat decides to take another run at the Falklands Conflict and saves the Tories from certain electoral defeat (again) then I just give up.

Hello_Kitty_enjoyer ,

It’s okay guys. They’re Western.

Draedron ,

Fuck off hexbear

AdlachGyfiawn , avatar

Mald more lmao

Nonameuser678 , avatar

Wonder if he got this advice from his dog

keepcarrot ,
Skullgrid , avatar

get the argentinian army to do it then. that went great for them last time

dotslashme ,

Okay, anyone have check news crusades for their 2024 bingo disaster card?

PolandIsAStateOfMind , avatar

Note that even crusaders didn’t demolished the mosque, though they turned the Dome into the church and rest of mosque into palace, later Knights Templar had their headquarters there. When Saladin liberated the city he turned it back to mosque with really urgent speed (and he also didn’t demolish but repurposed Templar additions).

Badeendje , avatar

Herod built the first buildings there before the year 0. Romans destroyed it, then several iterations of buildings followed before the first mosque was built, razed, rebuilt, repurposed, repurposed again.

This site is as culturally relevant as the Parthenon and the colloseum. Calling for it’s destruction is crazy.

ivanafterall , (edited ) avatar

I hope he puts his money where his mouth is and sends Argentinian forces to Jerusalem. WHY NOT, AT THIS POINT!? Let's get this show on the road!

Edit: Whoops, not sure where Venezuela came from.

itsnicodegallo ,

You want the president of Argentina to send forces from Venezuela, a country on the other end of South America, to Jerusalem? A country out in the Middle East?

Whaler_Shaver ,

Your nitpicky hair splitting is getting in the way of DECISIVE ACTION. Let’s end this conflict today!

ada , avatar

He needs to do something to distract from the news headlines about the awful start to his presidency, so he went for bigotry.

Diplomjodler ,

As they always do.

pensivepangolin ,

As if we needed further proof that that man is a lunatic and a moron.

JeeBaiChow ,

Oh this’ll go down well with certain demographics… /s

flathead ,

well, well, turns out he’s a complete fruitcake. Whod’ve guessed?

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