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TachiyomiSY devs have announced to work on a new "spiritual successor" of Tachiyomi

This message has been posted on their discord server yesterday, currently the app is being worked on and has no definitive ETA. We probably have to use other forks until that. I don’t know whether I can share the discord server’s link so not sharing that until a mod gives heads up.

Lightrider ,

Defeat the fuckingcapitalists

0range0281 , avatar

“From the ashes, a fire shall be woken, A light from the shadows shall spring…” – J.R.R. Tolkien

B4tid0 , avatar

Thanks for posting this & to all the comments helping to clarify the situation. I though for a moment my phone was failing or something , sad.

Kushan , avatar


Free and open source manga reader for Android.

(For those wondering what this discussion is about)

altima_neo , avatar

I was wondering what all the hubbub was about the last few days. Thanks

CJOtheReal ,

Kotatsu seems good as well

spiderman OP ,

is it a tachiyomi fork or it just looks like one?

CJOtheReal ,

Nither tbh, its similar but not the same, discovered it a few days ago myself.

mochi , avatar

Sort of off topic but I wish I had a kotatsu in my apartment. And an apartment big enough to have space for a kotatsu.

Anti_Face_Weapon ,


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  • spiderman OP ,

    put the repo back and do what? you can make a fork before they take it down and maintain it yourself if you can. tachiyomi needs external extensions to do it’s job, even if it won’t be maintained anymore. and idt neither tachiyomi forks or external extensions will be for long too.

    http_418 , avatar

    Feel free to do so and handle the issues you’ll face.

    Kissaki , avatar

    Why did you post a screenshot instead of posting/quoting the text?

    Text would have been more accessible and more discoverable.

    spiderman OP ,

    I thought having the screenshot would be more authentic. I would have added Alt text if Lemmy supported that.

    JackGreenEarth ,

    Just put it in the comment

    Shady_Shiroe , avatar

    Jack you also big manga fan?

    EDIT: this is RoBoT095 BTW from mc server

    JackGreenEarth ,

    Not really, I just saw the post and thought I would offer advice on a more technical issue. Is många just Japanese comics though? I liked ATLA, but that’s a more western perception of eastern culture than actual eastern comics, isn’t it?

    Chewy7324 ,

    Avatar: TLA was what actually got me into anime, which then got me into manga. But yes, manga/anime are specifically japanese comics/animated shows. While ATLA borrows quite a bit (imo) from japanese styles, it’s distinctly more like western cartoons.

    1boiledpotato ,

    I just refuse to update Tachiyomi so it still works for me.

    spiderman OP ,

    it still works for you because the external extensions are still working, all we can hope is for those external extensions to work properly until we get a proper replacement.

    T4V0 , avatar

    Temporarily, you can use this repo for extensions.

    B4tid0 , avatar

    Lucky… Maybe I will do that… Man this sucks.

    Rabbit ,

    I did a bunch of downloading of stuff I plan to read before the extensions stop working. Should give me time to wait to see what develops until then.

    ponchow8NC ,

    I’m a little dumb and late to this so please forgive me if this is not a good question, but can you not develop an app under a pseudonym or any other way to protect your identity or was this like they tracked each dev down, got their info and legally threatened them?

    Edit: I’m referring to Tachiyomi I forgot to mention that

    conciselyverbose ,

    It's not copyright infringement, so you can just tell them to fuck off and make them sue you. If they submit DMCA, you (and because it's open source, that means anyone, today) can counterclaim and it will get put back up until they actually go to court.

    It's just a lot to deal with harassment from a motivated company's resources.

    Rolder ,

    But is there a way to have it on iOS? Maybe a web app like wefwef/Voyager?

    ardi60 , avatar

    aidoku/tachimanga/paperback. google it

    TGhost , avatar

    ah ah that was so sure,
    Thanks to them and others forkers 😎 .

    Long live FOSS and EFF, and piracy mentality hell yah, 😂

    yokonzo ,

    Wait it actually got taken down?

    hikikoma ,

    Because of fucking korean webtoon garbage of all things, just only allow manga and leave the manhwa crowd to find something else.

    thethirdobject ,

    I have never agreed more with a stranger on a topic so niche

    CJOtheReal ,

    Nah, thats bad, just DDOS their website permanently to show them who has more balls

    fushuan ,

    Hey, I use it more for Korean webcomics than manga, there’s lots of us. And kakao doesn’t really have a leg to stand on with either against tachi, it’s just that the devs don’t want the hassle, which is completely understandable.

    Rabbit ,

    I use it mainly for manhwa too, since it’s really easy to find higher quality manga downloads compared to manhwa with it being webtoon based.

    spiderman OP ,

    This was stated in their official announcement.

    In the upcoming days:

    • Our core GitHub repositories will be taken down.
    • The official social media accounts will be closed.
    • The official Discord server will be repurposed into a general community for those who are interested in staying.
    nicetriangle ,

    Man that is nuts how thoroughly those guys are folding when they've done absolutely nothing illegal

    spiderman OP ,

    legal battle is a headache for a bunch of open source devs who work in remote and communicate in discord. also having a legal battle will involve their irl names which is not a good thing for them.

    nicetriangle ,

    I guess a positive outcome of this might be people more seriously considering alternatives to Github. Something about MS owning the defacto developer platform never sounded good to me.

    spiderman OP ,

    this doesn’t have anything to do with github

    conciselyverbose ,

    GitHub didn't do anything. This isn't because the code was taken down (it's still there, as are all the forks that are also perfectly legal); it's because the maintainers decided it wasn't worth putting up with big pocketed harassment to keep doing it.

    nicetriangle ,

    Based on some other article I saw on this yesterday, my understanding was that GitHub was likely going to take them down for the BS DMCAs they were receiving, but maybe I misunderstood what I was reading.

    conciselyverbose ,

    GitHub (and everyone else) is required to follow the process laid out DMCA takedown requests. The uploader just has to submit a counterclaim, and they can put it back unless they actually go to court and file a lawsuit.

    The whole process is dictated by the DMCA.

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