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Linux for iPod?

I found my 7th gen iPod Touch running 15.8.2. This device is no longer supported by Apple so I can’t Sign in with Apple ID to do anything useful. Any ideas of how I can save this device from becoming e-waste? I was trying to add Delta emulator to use it for roms but no luck.

Any ideas/suggestions?? 🤷🏼‍♀️ TYIA 💜

OatPotato , avatar

There was the Project Sandcastle it doesn’t seem active anymore.

azvasKvklenko ,

Try jailbreaking to sideload apps first This looks useful:

This looks like it’s specific for your version of iOS

Checkra1n even has Linux (and Mac) support

c0smokram3r OP , avatar

Wow! Checkra1n is still around? I remember them from the iPhone 4 days. I’ll def check that out!

HMitsuha ,

I wouldn’t trust that article on iOS 15 jailbreaks. A lot of those is misleading/fake (e.g. Checkra1n only supports iOS 12-14, unc0ver does not support iOS 15 and unc0ver virtual doesn’t exist).

iOS 15 currently only has Dopamine and Palera1n as supported and recommended jailbreaks. Though if you only need to side load apps, take a look at TrollStore, which lets you side load apps indefinitely, but isn’t a full jailbreak (made by the same dev as Dopamine).

FYI Checkra1n isn’t that old, but there are a lot of jailbreaks that end in “ra1n” :)

xmanmonk ,

Does GTKPod work with it? It worked with most of my ipods.

azvasKvklenko ,

The thread is not about transferring files from Linux, but about flashing iPod firmware, replacing iOS with some Linux distro, jailbreaking or working around iOS not being able to sign in to download apps anymore.

GravitySpoiled ,

Just sell it and get a better device

chrash0 ,

lol this is like Ben Shapiro telling people in areas threatened by climate change to sell their houses. “to who? fucking Aqua Man?”

best case you’ll get $10 and whoever bought it will end up back here

GravitySpoiled ,


If more people sell their outdated apple device s, it will bring down all other apple device. The lower the prices of apple devices become, the unlikelier people will buy apple devices because one reason people keep buying it because they think higher price means higher quality which unfortunately isn’t the case. Less people buying apple products means more people buying linux in the long run. More people installing linux forces apple someday to open their devices such that people get interested in buying their devices because they can install linux on it. That day is not yet today

Sina ,

I really don’t like that consumer mentality, especially since OP seems to have the will to save it.

windowsphoneguy , avatar

Set the clock, then you should be able to log in

dr_jekell , (edited ) avatar

Install RockBox onto it and continue using it as a music player.

Edit: apparently this is a device that can’t use RockBox.

windowsphoneguy , avatar

On iPod touch?

SteveTech ,

I jailbroke my 4th gen iPod a few months after Apple dropped support for it, I feel like that breathed a lot more life into it.

c0smokram3r OP , avatar

Def gonna check out da jailbreak after sifting through these comments!

eutampieri ,

You should be able to sign in though…

c0smokram3r OP , avatar

I get this: your Apple ID can only be used on devices running iOS 16.2 or later. This iPod can’t be updated to the latest software.

eutampieri ,

Hmm… was advanced data protection enabled?

Khanzarate ,

The right app could make it into a security camera or a WiFi remote. A quick search suggests you could jailbreak it, although I’m not up to date on what that would offer you.

I’m not sure what prevented Delta from working, since it says it supports iOS 14 or later on an iPod touch. Maybe a factory restore or similar would let you take that route anyway?

c0smokram3r OP , (edited ) avatar

Thanks for this! I’m gonna look into it!

Sadly, when I try to download any app, an Apple ID Verification pops up and asks me to sign in then I get: your Apple ID can only be used on devices running iOS 16.2 or later. This iPod can’t be updated to the latest software.

HumanPerson ,

I highly doubt it on Apple, usually everything but the Macs are really locked down.

henfredemars ,

Not just that — Even if you exploited some bug to run unsigned code, it’s highly unlikely you could find all the drivers needed for that hardware. There’s not a lot of motivation from the open source community to support a tightly controlled platform where few users could even attempt to run it.

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