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TrickDacy ,

What a fucked up post to make.

eager_eagle , avatar
unreachable , avatar
joyjoy ,

I don’t know what age has to do with making noodles.

BautAufWasEuchAufbaut , avatar

Wine leads to abilities some consider… unnatural

thisbenzingring ,

Traci Lords rule

fastandcurious , avatar

Is there a lemmy equivalent of r/holup?

Frozengyro ,

Yes it’s r/jailbait pukes in disgust

altima_neo , (edited ) avatar

Don’t forget to say hi to spez

Lemminary ,

Hmm, smells like a digital library up in here. Y’know, full of PDF files. Tee-hee.

femboy_bird ,

Mods please don’t ban him, it’s not his fault he got older

EdibleFriend , avatar


The_Picard_Maneuver , avatar
EdibleFriend , avatar

Scruffy, of all people, resorting to ageism. I am so disappointed :(

FreshLight ,

Haha, I bet it’s fine but it all depends on the quality of the sent pictures. I’ll let you know if you’re safe if you DM me the pics.

JoShmoe ,

You’ll need a second to validate your claims.

Magik37v OP ,

This is a joke btw. I’m in my early 20’s.

JoShmoe ,


Dicska ,

Yeah, but years or months?

popekingjoe , avatar


TeddE , avatar

Checked post history. Shocking lack of noods.

Noodle07 ,

Where noods??

BautAufWasEuchAufbaut , avatar

Bet you’re looking forward to your retirement 😊

altima_neo , avatar

Too old

hungryphrog ,

That’s what they want you to think.

LordGimp ,

I see no noods on profile the cake is a lie

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