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Gakomi ,

To be fair I’m 32 years old and never used tiktok. When I first hear about Ramadan I thought it was some Indian dance, that was a few years back. I know now that is some religious thing but I have no idea what it is other then that!

LifeInMultipleChoice ,

It’s a month of no drinking, eating, or sex when the sun is up. It’s a Muslim thing. I’m not religious so I am not sure why they do it.

malle_yeno , avatar

Here’s a primer based on my own understanding. Anyone can feel free to correct if I mess something up and I can edit my post, I’m not a Muslim myself:

  • Ramadan is a month on the Islamic calendar (I think the ninth one?).
  • one of the pillars of Islam is that during Ramadan, Muslims need to fast from food and drink while the sun is up. Other pillars are things like praying five times a day, going on pilgrimage to Mecca, and donating a portion of your wealth annually. So it’s no exaggeration to say that Ramadan is extremely important to Muslims.
  • I believe the rationale for Ramadan is that it is an observance of Mohammed’s revelation.
  • there are exceptions to fasting requirements. Off the top of my head are people who are sick, women on their period, and if it would put yourself at serious risk of harm by fasting.
  • Muslims use a lunar calendar (measures months by looking at the phases of the moon). Because the moon phases and procession of the earth around the sun are not in sync, this means the months on the Islamic calendar don’t line up with the seasons. So Ramadan can be in the winter or summer on certain years, and therefore sun up/sun down times can change.
Battle_Masker , avatar

Goddamn youth imams are at it again

th3s4rp , avatar


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  • Elliot ,

    Me too but what has it got to do with anything here ?

    Diabolo96 ,
    fastandcurious , avatar

    Definitely an honest mistake!

    dingus ,

    I have never seen this before and I love it

    Digital_man ,

    This explains why my 18 years old niece wants to vote trump. She online too damn much !

    Imgonnatrythis ,

    Ramadan plus just dropped. You don’t eat anything till it gets dark and then you eat a tide pod with a whole habenero. Extreme!!

    db2 , (edited )
    someguy3 ,

    Remove the ? And everything after it to remove tracking.

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