There have been multiple accounts created with the sole purpose of posting advertisement posts or replies containing unsolicited advertising.

Accounts which solely post advertisements, or persistently post them may be terminated.

MyNamesNotRobert , (edited )

If I can’t earn money for doing nothing they shouldn’t either. I fight back every way I can. That’s why it’s important to protect your privacy.

JusticeForPorygon , avatar

Like yeah, I disable cookies and use an ad blocker, but I’m not building my own Linux distro, paying for six VPNs, and using TOR just too look at the Terraria wiki.

YarHarSuperstar , avatar

Is this a reference to recent Lemmy drama? If so, I get it!!

Revan343 ,

Well, don’t keep it to yourself, what’s the recent Lemmy drama?

YarHarSuperstar , avatar

Look into the “search engine to compete with DDG” post

Revan343 ,

Darn, I was hoping it was some inexplicable Terraria drama :P


kwomp2 ,

Random wrong place I know, but dont wanna bother more people then necessary: Why cant i see upvotes/downvotes?

can ,

Did you perhaps accidentally disable it on your account settings?

SaltyIceteaMaker , avatar

Afaik instance’s have the ability to deactivate that.

So either that or you have it disabled in your account settings

Third possiblity: your app/frontend just doesn’t pull the data for that

zout ,

I read in some other post that some lemmy instances display the upvote/downvote ratio since the latest software update, so maybe because of that?

moon ,

Can’t give a precise answer since I’m on an app that might bypass that, but either your instance or the instance you’re viewing can disable viewing votes.

0x4E4F , avatar

I seriously think that they litelarly have no idea what to do with that much data. I mean, personalized ads, yeah, sure, but other than that… crimes maybe… can’t really see any other use for it…

Sotuanduso ,

I’d imagine it’s not practical to do anything on a personal level (aside from personalized ads) unless you really wanna look into one person in particular, so it’s probably more used for market research and whatnot. Easier to do a survey if you don’t have to ask anyone.

0x4E4F , avatar

Yeah, but still… is there so much money in surveys to actually keep all of that data?

Revan343 ,

Personalized ads aren’t even practical. I’m not careful with data about me, and the targeted ads I see suck. If Google knows so much about me, they really ought to be better at it

Alt text: I’m the philosopher until someone hands me a burrito.

Cruxifux ,

I’m the sage and the nihilist at the same time

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