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#Meta production engineer working on #Linux userspace, longtime #Fedora contributor, #Debian maintainer.

#Midwest #USA transplant, mostly harmless.

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cbecker , to academicchatter avatar

This is how you can organize a covid-safe event. Hint: it's neither very expensive nor very difficult. with the great @edyong209 - virtual option too.


michelin , avatar

@cbecker @edyong209 @academicchatter

In-person seating is limited with extensive COVID-19 precautions (including mandatory masking, self-testing negative, and a venue hosting MERV-13 filters), and the event will be livestreamed for global viewing (with ASL interpretation available).

Nice. I missed out on the time when mandatory testing was in place, and now mandatory masking is also very rare 🤕

michelin , to linux avatar

Now that both and have been short-sighted enough to burn through the goodwill of many users and communities, I wonder if it's time for distributions like @fedora and @centos - who were latecomers to the - to embrace ?

Let's see if I succeed in posting this to @linux as well - to see if Mastodon<->Lemmy interop works as well as it seems to do with another Lemmy community

michelin OP , avatar

@fedora @centos @linux that seems to work - similar to how @guppegroups works in that on the Mastodon side posts tagging the community address appear to get boosted, with a difference that you can read it in a Reddit like interface (with good threading 🧵!) if you have a Lemmy account as well.

michelin OP , avatar

@fedora @centos @linux ooh thank you!

michelin OP , avatar

@fedora @centos @linux should that be tagged on every official toot? That way you cross publish at zero cost

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