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Twinkletoes , (edited )

That first one shows some real potential.

The others are cool but don’t really tell a story.

deergon , avatar

Speculating here, but I think it may be difficult to use Sora to generate “persistent” characters across scenes and thereby telling an actual story.

Conyak ,

If we allow corporations to control AI we are in for a bad time. I’m not interested in seeing these examples thanks.

admin , avatar

What do you mean by that, exactly? How do we allow or deny this, and what do you think are reasonable alternatives?

Conyak ,

I think that we need regulations on AI to protect citizens. Corporations are training AI off of workers/citizens data and they will use it to eliminate jobs without paying us for our contributions. Right now companies like SpaceX and Amazon want to replace workers with AI trained robots to reduce costs and that will be detrimental to the working class. I don’t believe that AI is bad. I believe corporations are evil by nature and need to be controlled.

xenspidey ,

There is just a lot of hate for AI, and Lemmy is big on anti-capitalism so when a company is dumping a bunch of money into AI for potential profits you get a lot of hate around here. There are a lot of free alternatives to AI, but you need heavy investments to push technology. That takes money.

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