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Is there any way to have SHIFT + CTRL + - create an em dash in Pop_OS?

Is there any way to have SHIFT + CTRL + - create an em dash in Pop_OS?

I know there is the option to use CTRL + SHIFT + U followed by 2014 + ENTER. But that's way too long. And in keyboard settings it seems that I can only add a Composer Key? where I then have to, again, type in a numerical code. Any way to have the straight keyboard shortcut like in MacOS?

EDIT: Per two suggestions below, Command Key followed by 3 regular dashes works to create an em dash.

afa setting my own combo, I discovered AutoKey as a possible solution. Haven't tried that route yet, though.

LodeMike ,
communism , avatar

Compose key doesn’t use numerical codes. To type an em dash with a compose key, it’s compose followed by pressing minus 3 times. I set my compose key to Alt Gr

speck OP ,

Thank you that worked, now that I understand how to use the combo. Still wished there was a way to set my own combo. But this works

kbal , (edited ) avatar

If you have the compose key (mine is caps lock) it should be [compose]---

— At least, that's how I type it and it appears to be the same on gnome based on this:

speck OP , (edited )

Ah, thank you! You helped me understand how that chart works

EDIT: Hey thank you, that worked for the immediate challenge — and now I have a use for the caps lock key

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I use the Menu key for my compose key, since I never used it for anything and it's conveniently right next to the right Ctrl key.
BTW if you want to see the combos that are possible with the Compose key, look in /usr/share/X11/locale/en_US.UTF-8/Compose

speck OP ,


illectrility ,

Do you mean —? That’s Alt + Minus

speck OP , (edited )

I'll give that a shot when I'm back at my laptop, thank you

[EDIT]: That didn't work for me. Wish it did, since it's a quicker combo! The CKEY + en dash * 3 did though

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