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Treczoks ,

Hmm, if he soooo hard claims not to be a US citizen, and he has no valid immigration papers or visa, shouldn’t he be treated like an illegal?

grue ,

In order to be a “sovcit,” don’t you have to be a “cit” first? This dipshit failed even at that!

Breve ,

I thought all this sovcit stuff was based on some conspiracy of the US government creating secret accounts and ownership of citizens at birth. If this person has a green card then they weren’t born in the US, and none of that would apply to them?

I know this is probably too much logic for them to comprehend though. It does tickle me a little that sovcits would be cool with foreigners coming to their country and just declaring themselves citizens state nationals without any due process. How progressive!

BonesOfTheMoon OP ,

They make no sense.

redisdead ,

Believe it or not that sovcit bullshit spread far and wide.

One of my neighbors is convinced that Macron sold France to the USA and we’re all employees of the sec and that police officers are actually mercenaries on occupied territory.

Zoot , avatar


redisdead ,

Exactly my entire thoughts when he explained it to me.

finley ,

France did, at one point, sell more land to the United States then France currently owns. It was called the Louisiana purchase.

But that’s not what this person is referring to.

protist ,

“I’m confused”

Say no more.

Tar_alcaran ,

I’m sorry, is their name “Ms. Garlic”?

Also the fact that you have a permanent residence permit means you are, by definition, not a citizen.

FlyingSquid , avatar

You would think the word ‘moonshine’ would be enough of a red flag not to take advice from that entity unless the advice was, “drink me to get incredibly drunk incredibly quickly.”

BonesOfTheMoon OP ,

Here is the copper moonshine site:…

MegaUltraChicken ,

Holy shit that is some next level nonsense.

BonesOfTheMoon OP ,

It’s so so batshit.

FlyingSquid , avatar

Wow. It’s literally a company that makes moonshine stills.

Definitely who I would be taking such legal advice from.

BonesOfTheMoon OP ,

I take all my legal advice from wineries.

PorradaVFR ,


I bet you stick your pinkie out when you sign documents.

FlyingSquid , avatar

Holy shit, did you see this part? The SovCit stuff sounds sane by comparison-…

BonesOfTheMoon OP ,

No omigod that’s wild.

homesweethomeMrL ,

First of all I did not expect a picture of the dude on that link, but now that I see him, he’s exactly what I should have expected.

Secondly - rofl

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO DO! All of the other stuff I mention does not really matter. It’s only a way to make them pay close attention to your application. Every place that it asks if someone is a U.S. citizen; Mom, Dad or spouse or ex-spouse, you check off NO. If you check off yes to U.S. citizen on anything, then that makes you a U.S. citizen. Otherwise you are a State Citizen. NO ONE IS A U.S. CITIZEN. Not you, or your spouse, or your ex-spouse or your mom, dad or children. This is the most important step. No to U.S. citizen on everything. MAKE SURE YOU GET THIS RIGHT! This is the only thing that matters on the application! Do not let them bully you into checking off yes to U.S. citizenship.

Hahahaha - “are you a citizen?”


“Denied because you are not a citizen.”

I don’t understand . . .


BonesOfTheMoon OP ,

Sounds legit.

lemmydripzdotz456 ,

Their email is ColonelCSA@gmail where, I assume, CSA is Confederate States of America. I did a little research and found that they are a Confederate re-enactor in the Ozarks who plays a Colonel in the re-enactments and does not appear to have any military background. This was… not surprising.

BonesOfTheMoon OP ,

Not at all.

FlyingSquid , avatar

So basically he’s about as much of a Colonel as Colonel Sanders.

KillerTofu ,

The “colonel” was given to him in 1935 as an honorary title by the governor of Kentucky in recognition of his accomplishments

So, it wasn’t just a marketing term, but a state title granted to him.

Lemmeenym ,

Kentucky uses it’s otherwise defunct state militia as a legal basis for a program to recognize residents of the state who perform significant and/or consistent acts of charity to their communities. The program is “The Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels” and when a person is inducted into the program the governor officially appoints them as an officer in the state militia with the rank of colonel.

KillerTofu ,

Thank you for expanding, I didn’t do but a cursory search.

VindictiveJudge , avatar

And all because his chicken was just that good. Apparently, he felt the larger franchise absolutely ruined his recipe.

Lemmeenym ,

Lee’s Famous Recipe was founded by Colonel Sanders’s nephew. It is much closer to the original KFC. You can get all of his original recipes, the gravy change is what he hated most, at Claudia Sanders Dinner House in Shelbyville, Kentucky.

TexasDrunk ,

That is my favorite SovCit site.

BonesOfTheMoon OP ,

It’s so bonkers.

iAmTheTot ,

Just one snippet

Never put down you live in the United States. You live in the United States of America (U.S.A.). Or simply say you live in America. On lots of forms you will see United States, but they do not make it clear if it’s the federal corporation or the republic. I believe if it asks what country you live in, then it must be the republic, not the corporation. The corporation is not a country. You find this all through the United States Code and the Code of Federal Regulations for the purpose of confusion. So study carefully to see what they mean by, “The United States”.

BonesOfTheMoon OP ,


owenfromcanada , avatar

Hot damn

Silver bullet to your rights secured by the Constitution.

So… you’re gonna put a silver bullet to my rights? That might be the only true statement on the entire page.

Omega_Man ,

Two of these tabs are not like the others

Two of these tabs are not like the others…

BonesOfTheMoon OP ,

Babylon the Great.

strawberry ,

"which caused you to pay taxes, get tickets and every other act of treason that has happened to you. "

bro is calling paying taxes treason

my brother in christ these roads won't pay for themselves

mosiacmango ,

That page is like 30 of these sovcit posts at once.

Dude is deep in the rabbit hole.

BonesOfTheMoon OP ,

It’s like sovcit mad libs.

VindictiveJudge , avatar

I’d play that, but I don’t want to accidentally create joinder with the other players.

federalreverse ,

I guess it would be good to behind this a spoiler, so at least you’re not doing SEO for them.

spoilerQuote: > Please share this link with all of your friends. keep it going.

exanime ,

Why? Don’t you often get legal advice from sites that also sell you stills?

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