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southsamurai , avatar

You know, it makes me wonder if starfleet kept porn as part of their entertainment library the way they did music and such.

andyburke , avatar

What's the joke?

rugburn ,

I think it has something to do with George Takaei being gay and the joke is he misheard and pulled up “porn”

HopingForBetter ,

Oh my!

MelastSB ,

I don’t think that Takei being gay is part of the joke, unless gorn is slang for gay porn ^^

rugburn ,

Might be, but in the last panel, saying “The GORN i said, the GORN!” or whatever makes me think my guess is right? Pretty shit joke either way.

andyburke , avatar

So they're afraid of gay porn is the joke?

rugburn ,

Probably? Who knows.

PyroNeurosis ,

Gorn can be understood as a portmanteau of “gore” and “porn”. Do with that knowledge what you will.

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