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If anybody wants to know a few things about me


Profile pic is me with my fluffy sheep Ruffles. Header is about a hundred sheep who decided to form a ring on the downs one day. I'm not that interested in sheep, really.

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@bookstodon Darling English audiobook readers, the ss sound at the end of ‘coup de grâce’ is pronounced. When you leave it off, it sounds like ‘coup de gras’ - not the blow of grace (mercy), but the blow of grease (fat).

robparsons , avatar

@CommonMugwort @bookstodon yes, but when you say coup de grace properly, everybody here thinks you're talking about lawnmowers.

tomkindlon , to disability avatar
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@GreySkies @GeorgiaOnMyMind @tomkindlon @longcovid @covid19 @novid @auscovid19 @mecfs @chronicillness @spoonies @disability I fear the message needs to be more personal still, and legitimately so. "Nobody is safe" full stop. All those millions who have had covid and got over think they're safe. I fear that in ten fifteen, twenty years time, as their lungs, livers, hearts, pancreases begin to flake out far quicker than they would have done without covid that they were never safe.

ChrisMayLA6 , to bookstodon avatar

Defend our

(from @tomgauld)


robparsons , avatar

@paulthenerd @ChrisMayLA6 @bookstodon something to do with pubs catering largely for adult men, maybe?

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