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Gsus4 , avatar

Who did Modi kill?

lustyargonian ,


jpreston2005 ,

glowing endorsement from one maniacal ego maniac bent on remaining in power, to another.

Vertelleus , avatar

Putin pushed Modi off a building?

homesweethomeMrL ,

To my friends in India who are disgusted with their government, I can only say we have also recently been there and you are absolutely correct. It’s very stressful. Do what you can to get a better one, and hang in there.

Delta_V ,

Poland: “I’ve seen this one before.”

credo ,

I thought the highest honor involved windows?

boredtortoise ,

It just starts off high

FlyingSquid , avatar

I read the headline I assumed that highest honor was to suck off Putin, but apparently that honor might be more figurative than literal. Maybe the literal comes later.

HootinNHollerin ,

What do you think he did to get the award?

MummifiedClient5000 ,

putin is doing the sucking these days.

TimeNaan ,

Birds of a shitfeather.

Blizzard ,

What did he do to deserve such an honour?

TxzK ,

Fascists love fascists. It’s not exactly rocket science.

Blizzard ,

So that was a marriage proposal?

Viking_Hippie ,

Nah, Putin is already going steady with the horse from the infamous shirtless pic.

As for Modi, he’s probably too busy absolutely reaming himself with a dildo that has the head of Adolf Hitler at the end while staring at pictures of Gandhi’s newly assassinated corpse.

Too far? 😛

Junkernaught ,

No keep going, I’m almost there

Hubi , avatar

He bought his oil at bargain bin prices.

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