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Phones which battery doesn't get swollen?

I do lots of testing of apps in real phones, not emulators.

The thing is that the phones must be connected to the PC all day. Because of this, phones battery get swollen and I have to buy phones regularly.

Do you know any android phone which can be connected and on all day all week without getting swollen after a time?

Must be real phones, emulators are descarted.

ramble81 ,

On both my iPhone 7 and Pixel 4a I saw a message pop up after having them plugged in consistently for a week something to the effect of “battery saver engaged” where it wouldn’t charge anymore for the health of the battery.

sayitghoul ,

Get a Fairphone, the batteries in those are removable and I’m pretty sure you can run them while battery is disconnected and plugged in.

Even if not, the replacement batteries are very cheap. I think about 25 in whatever currency.

TWeaK ,

I think there is a way to customise the battery charging level such that it considers 100% to be a lower charge, eg 70-80%. This should mitigate that issue somewhat, as that range of charge is what you’re supposed to store the battery at long term.

My guess is this would be done with a custom kernal for the phone. You would need a phone where you can unlock the bootloader.

Bangs42 , avatar

Some ROMs include this by default. If you’re rooted, there’s also apps that can do this as well.

FQQD , avatar

i might be wrong, but I think you can remove the battery and run it with usb power just fine. Its at least worth a try.

TWeaK ,

Depends on the phone, with most it isn’t easy to remove the battery.

FQQD , avatar

Which is honestly a shame. It should be fairly easy to remove imo

TWeaK ,

Absolutely, there’s no good reason not to. GoPro’s manage to be waterproof and yet still have removeable batteries.

Phone manufacturers are bastards though, and they know that more people will just replace their phone when the battery wears out rather than go through the hassle of replacing the battery, a hassle that is by design.

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