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Queen Latifah - Just Another Day... (Official Music Video) [3:57, Rap, Gangsta Rap, Jazz Rap, East Coast Rap]

edit: added quotes

“Just Another Day” was the 2nd single from Queen Latifah’s debut album Black Reign on Motown Records in 1993. The song interpolates samples from Herb Alpert’s “Making Love In The Rain” and Slick Rick’s “Hey Young World” as well as incorporating a displaced sample of Latifah’s young voice on her single 1988 “Princess of the Posse” rapping “in the place that I live.”

Teddy Riley was called in to produce remixes of the track for the single’s release.

sin_free_for_00_days ,

I saw her live a couple sets before Ice-T came out and she took the fucking roof off.

jimmydoreisalefty OP ,

Wow, that must have been an awesome experience!

sin_free_for_00_days ,

It was at the Gathering of the Tribes concert in California back in 1990. It was an amazing line-up.

jimmydoreisalefty OP ,

Reading about it, thanks for the link!

It is considered the precursor to the Lollapalooza touring festivals of the 1990s, an opinion shared by Astbury himself.

It must have been a great memory, to be part of a bit of music festival history!

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