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Will we ever know why the shooter shot Trump?

I think bad decisions influence him cause he was younger than me. It makes me want to know what happened in his life he was able to buy an AR-15 at 22 I think. He had a good life going and it’s like no he tried to shoot Trump and I wonder why? I don’t see how you can just hate someone that much to also end your life over.

Is the golden rule really good?

So when I was in school from 2nd to 6th grade in that school there was a sign saying to treat others the way you want to be treated. And yeah the irony with that was teachers at that school were actually quite abusive that I saw no sense in on one hand treating others the way you want to be treated meanwhile being treated badly...

turnerpike20 OP ,

Probably look into That Vegan Teacher.

Why do I puke more than once when I've been drunk?

So I’ve been drinking and it becomes like I drink water and I puke right away. So it’s like what’s the point of puking if I can’t get rid of all the toxicant in one go. I end up just puking whatever I put in. I assume puking is good but yeah I don’t get the point if it can’t be just a one time thing.

What is the point of nicotine patches?

I don’t get it. It’s kinda like you got to want to quit but at the same time yeah quitting is already hard for me. But I’m supposed to put it on me and somehow I get a form of nicotine without smoking. It’s like how am I supposed to get used to it. I will even take the patch off try to save it for later just so I can...

What should I understand about Guardians of the Galaxy as someone who's never watched any of the movies but I'm playing the game right now?

So I am playing the game because it was free on my PlayStation plus premium and I got a reward on my PlayStation app for playing it. I’ve kind of gotten into Guardians of the Galaxy now but I went into the game basically blind. I knew who Rocket Raccoon was and Groot but that was about it. So I do understand that Rocket...

turnerpike20 OP ,

I’m disappointed that TellTale was shut down. Anyway yeah it’s not the game I’m talking about I assume you know that cause your pointing out other examples I just want to be clear.

turnerpike20 OP ,

Yeah, the game is pretty good. Yeah it’s the one from 2021.

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