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The UN had an arms embargo on apartheid South Africa starting in the 70s, so there’s precedent for that.

Fun fact: Israel violated the South Africa arms embargo. Big time.

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In a way:

Most anti-BDS laws have taken one of two forms: contract-focused laws requiring government contractors to promise that they are not boycotting Israel; and investment-focused laws, mandating public investment funds to avoid entities boycotting Israel.

Very strange to have government contractors and managers of public funds swearing an oath to protect a different country. Similar situation in the UK. Interestingly enough, this is another case of “birds of a feather flock together”:

On May 17, 2019, right-wing populist party Alternative for Germany sponsored a bill “Condemn the BDS movement – protect the existence of the State of Israel” (19/9757) to ban the BDS movement nationally.

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I think what’s missing here is the existence of legal precedence. The UN had an arms embargo on apartheid South Africa starting in the 70s, so there’s precedent for that.

Fun fact: Israel violated the South Africa arms embargo. Big time.

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Always has been.

From the late nineteenth century onwards pictures and postcards often depicted a rebuilt Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount, sometimes next to al-Aqsa Mosque or the Dome of the Rock and sometimes in their place.

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He’s a bit ahead of schedule for the 100 year re-enactment of the Pro–Wailing Wall Committee.

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Aaahh capitalism. This is what business school graduates call “innovation” and “smart”.

But seriously, I’m sorry that happened to you. It’s predatory, abusive, and wrong.

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they scream “self defense” hard enough while bribing politicians everyone will keep supporting their Genocide.

And should you happen to be a supporter of human rights and international law they will scream “antisemitism” hard enough until you lose your job.

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The proposal says, "The Israeli Knesset firmly opposes the establishment of a Palestinian state west of the Jordan

Between the sea and the Jordan there will only be Israeli sovereignty… I’m not a call to genocide you are!

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Their source is an Israeli organization, lol. There are so many parallels between Israel’s theft of Palestine and the Europeans’ theft of North America, “their education/religion/culture is terrorism” is just another one on the list.

U.S. military fails to reconnect Gaza pier, says mission will end soon (

Maj. Gen. Patrick Ryder, a spokesman, said in a statement that U.S. troops tried to reconnect the floating pier to the shoreline Wednesday but were unable to do so because of “technical and weather-related issues.” The pier and its support vessels were taken back to the Israeli port of Ashdod, where they had sheltered amid...

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nearly 20 million pounds of food ashore since it began on May 17.

With a population of around 2 million in Gaza that’s 10 pounds of food per person over some 50 days. About 90 grams of food per person per day. 90 grams is like half an apple.

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Wait so what’s your take on this (from the article)

Video circulating online Saturday shows an IDF helicopter taking off from the beach with the U.S. pier in the backdrop. Two U.S. officials told CBS News that the U.S. pier was not used in the IDF operation. It is offshore to assist delivery of humanitarian aid. A U.S. official explained that the helicopter landed south of the facility on a beach but not within the cordoned area of the pier.

“The pier facility was not used in the operation to rescue hostages today in Gaza. An area south of the facility was used to safely return the hostages to Israel,” a U.S. official said. “Any such claim to the contrary is false. The temporary pier on the coast of Gaza was put in place for one purpose only, to help get more urgently needed lifesaving assistance into Gaza.”

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That was a way worse path to NATO membership than just fixing the corruption issues that were keeping them out of NATO in the first place.

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Jfc, and no working hospitals for the wounded. No medicine, and no food. This is unconscionable.

Is Israel going to just keep re-bombing and re-displacing the entirety of Palestine?

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And helping Hamas get into power in order to

  • destroy Palestinian unity
  • squash secular, progressive, democratic leadership
  • promote violence

If you want to see what happens when Palestinians cooperate with Israel, look at the West Bank:…

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Hamas hasn’t been around for 75 years.

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I wonder how it would read if they quoted the Russian military in the headline on the right.

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more than 500,000 Israeli settlers living in the West Bank

I didn’t know that over 5% of the population lives in illegal settlements.

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(I guess those downvoting you haven’t seen you around yet, they didn’t catch the sarcasm lol)

IDF ordered Hannibal directive on October 7 to prevent Hamas taking soldiers captive (

Gaza Division operations and airstrikes in the first hours of October 7 were based on limited information. The first long moments after the Hamas attack was launched were chaotic. Reports were coming in, with their significance not always clear. When their meaning was understood, it was realized that something horrific had taken...

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“Everyone knew by then that such vehicles could be carrying kidnapped civilians or soldiers,” a source in Southern Command told Haaretz. “There was no case in which a vehicle carrying kidnapped people was knowingly attacked, but you couldn’t really know if there were any such people in a vehicle. I can’t say there was a clear instruction, but everyone knew what it meant to not let any vehicles return to Gaza.”

Is that why there were so many charred cars? It never really added up to me- Hamas had no aerial capabilities (unless you count hang gliders), no tanks, RPGs are single use, and yet there were tons of blown up cars.

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Jfc looks like child cancer patients in that one pic.

Good that there are reporters on the ground to show the world what Russia is doing.

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I’m sure this is why Israel kills all the reporters they can.

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“They cook leaves in water and spices. Even using the water is risky, because there’s no power to run the desalination plants.”

“Solar power is no longer available in Gaza either. Israeli drones have systematically targeted every solar panel on every roof across Gaza. They want people to lose hope and starve,” he continued.

Issa explained that people believe expired canned foods, when made available in Gaza, are making their children sick. This has led some to try to avoid such foods for fear that they would not be able to get treatment for their kids should they fall ill, given that northern Gaza no longer has any health system to speak of.

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XD omg did you think school was actually in session? In Gaza?! Hahaha I usually don’t comment on braindead takes but I’m going to classify yours as "satire"and make my comment.

then it was definitely Hamas using children as human shields again.

Consistent with a braindead take XD

The cherry on top is your edit where you realized that Israel bombed a shelter, but didn’t realize that the destruction of education had already happened and turned the school into a shelter, which brings us back to the beginning when you thought school was in session!

Oh man, thanks for the laugh. I love satire.

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Person is psycho


Checks out

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This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.

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Imagined persecution can have real results, often playing into the hands of the rich & powerful.

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Judeophobia (at least in the UK) is not systemic like racism against blacks is in the U.S.

Jews are more likely to own their homes than the general population (73% versus 64%).

People who identified as Jewish were more likely to report a Level 4 or above qualification as their highest level of qualification compared with the population of England and Wales (50.7% compared with 33.8%).

Overall, people who identified as Jewish on Census 2021 were less likely to live in overcrowded accommodation (6.7%) compared with the England and Wales population (8.4%).

In 2018, median hourly pay was highest among those who identified as Jewish, partly reflecting a greater likelihood among this group to be employed in high-skilled occupations and as managers

That being said, is any group immune from assault? Even individuals squarely in the power majority, like a heterosexual, native, white, male Englishman, are subject to random assault (verbal and physical), destruction of property etc. not as a result of his personal actions. It seems like Jews as a group have it pretty OK but they want the red carpet rolled out for them or something.

Perhaps it’s one of those things that’s actively measured against, leading to increased reporting? I know that Travellers and Chinese (as just two examples) don’t have access to this kind of infrastructure, so reports against bias toward those groups might be under-represented.

To address Judeophobia we must address the elephant in the room- Zionistic Israel using Jews as human shields to protect themselves from any repercussions of their crimes against humanity. Israel supporters increase polarization between Jews and non-Jews, signaling that anyone against the actions of Israel is against Jews as a group, which is a blatant lie.

There are also “boy who cried wolf” incidents which dilute the severity of bigotry against Jews and are not helping our cause, but those are minimal compared to, for example, organizing an “Antisemitism Awareness Rally” which is just a front for Israeli PR so they can continue their genocide against the Palestinians a little bit longer without losing too much public support.

Not to downplay the fact that some people do discriminate against Jews and that is wrong, but this antisemitism hyper-vigilance against the backdrop of Israel’s actions reeks of McCarthyism, especially considering Israeli hasbara.

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a person who I’m fairly certain was not a Jew themselves, actually declared me not Jewish because I live in the U.S. Which is just another form of antisemitism.

Antisemitism (or, more accurately, ‘Judeophobia’) is being bigoted against someone because they are Jewish. What that person said to you was not antisemitism, it was just stupid.

Overusing and misusing (sometimes intentionally- à la Israel) that accusation dilutes it’s severity and makes people more likely to handwave actual incidents of discrimination and bigotry, which is not good my Squid.

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Are you talking about the “phobia” part of Judeophobia? It’s not about fear, as in “a phobia”. It means negative attitudes, feelings, or actions towards a group, in this case Jews. Like transphobia isn’t a fear of trans people, it’s a dislike (sometimes intense) of trans people.

EDIT: bro did you just read the first word of my comment and then comment back?!


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You ok? You jumped straight into imagined victim mode. I never said or implied any of the things you’re defending yourself against, and I don’t believe they are true.

I read and generally like your comments, and I don’t think you think that your personal experience invalidates statistics. Are you stressed out or something?

No harm meant.

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Sharply more Americans than 20 years ago say antisemitism is a very serious problem, as Jewish Americans’ reports of poor treatment exceed those of other faith groups.

It seems like the Jewish Americans are just reporting it more.

The number of hate crimes reported to police in the nation’s 10 largest cities rose again in 2023, according to preliminary data released Friday from the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University.

New York and Los Angeles saw some of the largest increases in anti-Jewish hate crimes, rising 12.6% and 48% respectively, while Los Angeles and Chicago saw 40% and 300% increases in anti-Muslim hate crimes, according to the study.

Israel releases director of hospital it says was used as a Hamas base. He alleges abuse in custody (

Israel released the director of Gaza’s main hospital on Monday after holding him for seven months without charge or trial over allegations the facility had been used as a Hamas command center. He said he and other detainees were held under harsh conditions and tortured....

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Israel has since raided other Gaza hospitals on similar allegations, forcing them to shut down or dramatically reduce services even as tens of thousands have been wounded in Israeli strikes or sickened in the harsh conditions of the war.


Amnesty International has so far not seen any credible evidence to support Israel’s claim that al- Shifa is housing a military command centre – and indeed Israel has repeatedly failed to produce any evidence to substantiate this claim, which it has promoted since at least the 2008-9 Operation Cast Lead.

You have to be really depraved to want people to suffer without medical treatment.

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This is the correct answer.

Edit /etc/hosts and add

so when you type into the address bar it goes to

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The author showed his bias when he wrote

Indeed, the polls indicate Le Pen’s awkward and aggrieved racist coalition—along with the inventively loony left-wing anti-Israel alliance dubbed the New Popular Front—is positioned to form a government that could defenestrate Macron’s Ensemble! coalition in the 2027 presidential election.

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“So sad that the Ukrainian government cares so little about it’s people it is giving Russia an excuse to demolish Ukraine.”

  • Some Israel Supporter, probably
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Yes, they usually do it slowly to avoid suspicion but when the situation is convenient they go ahead and take a big bite out of Palestine.

That’s how they have been operating, even before the establishment of Israel:

Before the 1948 Arab-Israeli War broke out, the Carmeli Brigade’s 21 Battalion commander had repeatedly damaged the Al-Kabri aqueduct that furnished Acre with water, and when Arab repairs managed to restore water supply, then resorted to pouring flasks of typhoid and dysentery bacteria into the aqueduct, as part of a biological warfare programme. At some time in late April or early May 1948, - Jewish forces had cut the town’s electricity supply responsible for pumping water - a typhoid epidemic broke out. Israeli officials later credited the facility with which they conquered the town in part to the effects of the demoralization induced by the epidemic.[54]

Israel’s Carmeli forces attacked on May 16 and, after an ultimatum was delivered that, unless the inhabitants surrendered, ‘we will destroy you to the last man and utterly,’[55] the town notables signed an instrument of surrender on the night between 17–18 May 1948. 60 bodies were found and about three-quarters of the Arab population of the city (13,510 of 17,395) were displaced.[56],_Israel#1948_Palestine_War

It is evident that that is their modus operandi because now Gaza’s water system is destroyed, and I suspect they will take Gaza just like they took Akka.

Israel taking over Palestine has been the plan since the beginning, as the founding fathers of Israel themselves announced:

Zionist leaders, in particular David Ben-Gurion, viewed the acceptance of the [United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine] as a tactical step and a stepping stone to future territorial expansion over all of Palestine.

Then they started.

Between 1947 and 1949, at least 750,000 Palestinians from a 1.9 million population were made refugees beyond the borders of the state. Zionist forces had taken more than 78 percent of historic Palestine, ethnically cleansed and destroyed about 530 villages and cities, and killed about 15,000 Palestinians in a series of mass atrocities, including more than 70 massacres.

All the theatrics about Israel’s right to defend itself etc. are just cover for the long history of horrible crimes and human rights violations Israel has perpetrated (and continues to perpetrate). There is a reason that people are mad at Israel, and it has nothing to do with being Jewish.

So yea, Israel is going to continue overtaking Palestine, unless they start being held to international law like everyone else. Germany and USA impede on that process, but hopefully the rule of law will triumph because

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

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Hamas has pretty much total iron first control of Gaza

Don’t you mean Israel has pretty much total iron first control of Gaza? Hamas does not control the borders, the monetary policy, electricity, water (via a racist system of permits being habitually denied), airspace, sea, population registry, international trade, ID cards, or travel to and from Gaza. Israel does. Israel even sells the drilling rights for natural gas off the coast of Gaza.

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Can you just tell us? That’s a pretty big book.

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Don’t bother, that must be one of those tantrum fueled hasbara accounts.

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I see your point. It’s not wrong when it happens to Arabs but wrong when it happens to Jews. Can you help me fill in the blanks?

R A _ _ S _

Spoilerracist ass motherfucker

bartolomeo , avatar

I think they are the same person.

Both hasbara accounts none the less.

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Bombing residential areas and targeting hospitals is very wrong, isn’t it?

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Ok next item was “monetary policy”.

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Keeponstalin’s comments are always top notch, and I just want to add a bit more info about the exerpt that reads:

A minor incident concerning prayer arrangements near the Wailing Wall, the western wall of the Haram, sparked violence that soon swept through Palestine as a whole in 1929.

The “minor incident” went as follows:

On 15 August 1929, Tisha B’Av, the Revisionist youth leader Jeremiah Halpern and three hundred Revisionist youths from the Battalion of the Defenders of the Language and Betar marched to the Western Wall proclaiming “The Wall is ours”. The protesters raised the Zionist flag and sang the Hatikvah.[13] The demonstration took place in the Muslim Maghribi district in front of the house of the Mufti.

Two days later, in raised tensions caused by a 2000-strong Muslim counter-demonstration after Friday prayers the day before, a Jewish youth, Avraham Mizrahi, was killed and an Arab youth picked at random was stabbed in retaliation.[14] Subsequently, the violence escalated into the 1929 Palestine riots.

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