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Baltimore Key Bridge collapses after struck by cargo ship; 2 rescued, several others believed in water

At a press update near the bridge, officials said two people had been rescued, but others are believed to still be in the water. The number of those missing fluctuated between seven and 20.

“This is a dire emergency,” Baltimore Fire Department director of communications Kevin Cartwright told the Associated Press. “Our focus right now is trying to rescue and recover these people.” He called the collapse a “developing mass casualty event.”

Jackcooper ,

How did they rescue 2 people? How did they survive this?!

Aviandelight , avatar

I really hope they are able to locate everyone.

getoffthedrugsdude ,
Fapper_McFapper ,

That website takes over your phone and redirects you somewhere else.

Stopthatgirl7 OP , avatar

It didn’t when I clicked on it? It goes to the news site.

Fapper_McFapper ,

That’s weird, it takes over my phone with a full screen at about three seconds after I click the link.

FurtiveFugitive ,

No redirect for me. NPR is a pretty reputable site but I am running ad block things also. There is a full screen pop up for newsletter signup but it is easily dismissed with the X in the corner.

Fapper_McFapper ,

No, not the NPR link. OP’s original link. However, I just clicked on it again and the full screen takeover is gone.

FurtiveFugitive ,

My mistake!

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