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Louisiana abortion ban preserved after lawmakers kill bill to call public vote

Nearly two years after Louisiana launched one of the strictest abortion bans in the nation, legislators have killed an effort to let voters decide whether to do away with the ban and enshrine the right to abortion in the state constitution.

That decision comes on the heels of a report, sponsored by pro-abortion rights groups, which found that fears of criminal penalties for performing abortions are wreaking havoc on the state’s maternal healthcare system, as doctors hesitate to provide miscarriage care for fear of running afoul of the ban.

Viking_Hippie ,

Funny how all the Republican-controlled governments passing abortion bans are trying their hardest to keep the public from having a say.

It’s almost like the people of most if not all states are majority pro-choice and Republican governments aren’t adequately representative of them… 🤔

Stopthatgirl7 OP , avatar

And like these anti-abortion laws are about control.

raynethackery ,

So, they have taken away another right to choose?

FenrirIII , avatar

The Republican motto: We know better than you

magnetosphere , avatar

“That idiotic mass called ’the public’ is only useful for getting us into office. When it comes to actual decision making, it’s better if they just shut up.”

LifeInMultipleChoice ,

Representatives not representing the people… Hm. Sounds like they are useless then. They should be afraid. The fact that they are not means we are to tolerant.

TransplantedSconie ,

A physician who sees 3,600 patients a year “told me nothing has changed. She fears no criminalization,” said Ben Clapper, director of Louisiana Right to Life, the state’s powerful anti-abortion lobbying group. “She’s able to care for mothers and babies effectively.”

[X] Doubt

6daemonbag ,

Fucking Ben Clapper with his million fucking baby having ass. It was obvious in college he was going to take his bullshit all the way to the top

brightandshinyobject ,

This has “blink twice if you’re in danger” vibes.

FlyingSquid , avatar

She’s able to care for mothers and babies effectively.”

Either party dying during or soon after delivery counts as “effectively.”

FlyingSquid , avatar

Yeah, why would they want the public’s input? What do they think this is, a republic?

Green13 ,

Not letting democracy happen is cowardice.

WhatAmLemmy ,

Not letting Democracy happen is why conservatism exists

Seasoned_Greetings ,

Republicans have shown time and again that they don’t care about democracy.

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