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intensely_human ,

Dammit now I’m gay again

tux0r OP , avatar


madcaesar ,

Stupid sexy Hermes!

Anticorp ,

Hermes got some booty!

PhlubbaDubba ,


-A very collection completion obsessed Thracian Pagan

Siethron ,


Assman , avatar


Imgonnatrythis ,

Whatcha doing there buddy?

RizzRustbolt ,

Anchoring some sort of curse.

Cap , avatar

From wiki: "Most scholars derive "Hermes" from Greek ἕρμα (herma),[14] "stone heap."[3]: 177 "

Seems about right.

rollmagma ,

So a Bulgarian sewer?

aeronmelon ,

In 2000 years, people are going to be excavating New England and wondering why there are so many Christopher Columbus and Robert E. Lee statues resting on old lake beds.

caseyweederman ,

I’m picturing the god of having little wings growing out of your ankles getting cancelled.

samus12345 , avatar

Somehow, I don’t think they’ll consider them works of art worth preserving.

noxy , avatar

looks like a damn elden ring sorcerer helm

Kiosade ,

It does. My brother and I call those dudes “Burger Kings” because they look like BK’s creepy king mascot

snooggums , avatar

Vagalinski noted that the discovery was made in the Cloaca Maxima sewer, where archaeologists hardly expected to find anything.

I have a friend in Rome by that name!

aeronmelon ,

He has a wife, you know…

betterdeadthanreddit ,

Kind of a long name, do they shorten it to a word or two in daily use or go by the full sentence?

tux0r OP , avatar

Ahh, the husband of Incontinentia Buttocks!

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