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Before your change to Linux

What was the last version of Windows you used before hopping on over? This includes the Linux greybeards too.

I was on Win10 but moved over as the end of life cycle is drawing near and I do not like Win11 at all.

Another thing for this change was the forced bloody updates, bro I just wanna shut down my PC and go to bed, if I wanna update it, I’ll do it on a Saturday morning with my coffee or something.

Lastly, all the bloat crap they chuck in on there that most users don’t really need. I think the only thing I kept was the weather program.

So what’s your reasoning for the change to the reliable and funni penguin OS?

SitD ,

I think it was win 8. I’ve dual booted excessively until dxvk basically made such a dent in the gaming exclusivity that I just stayed and enthusiastically followed it grow into perfection

rozodru , avatar

Windows 11. It was just so damn frustrating. about once or twice a year it would randomly kill my wifi adaptor for whatever unknown reason. regardless of uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers, nope, would just prevent the wifi from connecting to anything and the ONLY solution was a OS reinstall.

also my main machine is a laptop. a gaming laptop at that. with Win11 I could average about 30 to 45min out of the battery. It was just such a hassle to go anywhere (I work remotely a lot) and always have to look for a plug. Windows just ate my battery like it was a t-bone steak. I even thought I had to replace my battery.

Then I just finally had enough and decided to try out Linux. Someone here on Lemmy suggested Mint as a good starter for me. Played around with it for like 3 days and decided to just backup everything and wipe my machine and install linux.

Used Mint for maybe 2 weeks beforce deciding to switch to CachyOS. Mint was fine and all but wasn’t great with my Nvidia GPU. CachyOS has been awesome. Everything is faster. my laptop boots up super quick now, games run at twice the FPS than they did on Windows and my battery…holy shit my battery WASN’T dying. I now get 4 hours (!!!) out of it. For that reason alone i’ll never go back to Windows.

version_unsorted ,

XP when I started going main on Linux. Windows 7 was the last version I had installed for games on a dual boot. Linux was always just more fun. I always felt like it was my computer and I wasn’t constantly fighting the computer to make it work for me. Going to a tiling window manager was the point of no return though, my workflow changed so much that my productivity outside a tiling window manager plummeted.

kureta ,

Early Windows 7. I was fed up with Windows and switched to hackintosh. 6 years ago I switched to Linux only.

noughtnaut , avatar

Personally, XP.

Professionally, I’ve been subjected to Windows 10, but promptly installed Linux (and win 10 in a VM). I have refused job offers that insist on windows 10, and will refuse Mac centric press as well.

fin ,

I’m trapped in Adobe’s ecosystem because my school contracts with Adobe to provide their softwares. Since Adobe stuff only works on Windows, I’m still on Windows.

SitD ,

Similar situation here. My binbows software is now stuck in a padded room (VM) while I’m enjoying the freedom 😎 my condolences if you’re on less than 16GB RAM though

Turbo ,

I’ve been a fan of the dual boot option (sometimes separate hard drives)

Boot PC. Press F8. Select Windows drive and boot to windows 10 for gaming.

Most of time it defaults to Linux and that’s where i live the other 97% of the time

I have the same setup on my laptop. There’s always something easier on Windows whether I like it or not and it’s good to have the option.

Never had an issue with them coexisting.

unwarlikeExtortion ,

I’ve also made the switch from win10. There are a lot of “small” things that add up. The constant nag messages. Updates. Start menu ads. That was mist of it on Win10. I’ve had some experience in win11 at work, and I can say the new UI is abysmal (honestly I couldn’t care less about the UI as far as look/textures go, but one thing I can’t stand is slow animations for every little thing. If I open the start menu, I want it open as soon as I press the keyboard button, not 0.5s later. When I snap a window, I don’t need 0.5s of my life wasted on watching the “beautiful” animation. I just want it on half the screen instantly. Whenewer I close a window, I don’t want to have it fade out and distract me, I want it either gone or a popup asking me wether to save, discard or cancel show as soon as I tried to close the window. I want the Control panel back. I knew how to use it, and navigating menus wasn’t animated to consume 0.5s for every screen change. The animations were what pushed me away the most. I assume you can turn the off, but I never bothered since I changed computers often and would just rather put up with it rather than spend time tweaking each and every computer I wanted to use. The UI is why I don’t like win11, and the MS requirement is why I won’t let it touch my computer.

I have to say, switching to Linux was very frustrating as I had to google every little thing and most sites are filled with ad garbage even with uBlock on Firefox turned in with most of the lists, so that was frustrating. But now, after just under 2 years of Linux use, I can say the switch has paid great dividends. I can do a lot of menial tasks much faster (highlights are fike conversion with ffmpeg, combining PDFs with pdfunite, navigating folders using cd and tab completion (I’m the type to have a lot of folders in one parent directory to whkch I know the names, so typing the name is faster than looking for it manuakly and clicking on it), not to mention all the programs I used that are on Linux open 3-5 times faster.

Another big quality of life improvement are updates - updating apt packages with one command and Flatpaks with another, not having to reboot while doing it and not having programs prompt for updates individually is all something I never knew was possible before switching over. Linux has really impressed me with how well it works and how much of a laid back attitude it resembles, as opposed to the whiny Windows forcing its will upon you with its updates, ads and bloat.

GlenRambo ,

Win 10.

Slowly have been moving odd big tech platforms. Recently got a Fair Phone. Read win11 disasters. Trying Linux for the 20th time.

Its been longer than 3days now so that’s something.

Been making these moves over 5 years or so. Slow and steady.

yak , avatar

Windows 98

yuri ,

aww xp was so charming though!

dandroid ,

I was at work and I spent a full day trying to figure out how to do something work-related on Windows, but every program for it was for Linux. This was before WSL, so that wasn’t an option. I don’t remember exactly what the task was, but I remember growing increasingly frustrated before I decided to just dual boot my work laptop with Ubuntu. I never booted back into Windows a single time after that. I eventually deleted that partition to reclaim the space.

I didn’t install Linux on my personal laptop until about a year ago because of how awful Windows 11 is. I was reading about how Windows 10 is going EOL fairly soon, and decided to just make the switch now.

hacktheegg ,

Somewhat new Linux user Main laptop was win11, tested dual-booting on it slightly Fully committed to Linux when my laptop got infected with copilot Now win11 is just there as a tool for specific hardware while Arch Linux as the main

LeFantome , (edited )

I “switched to Linux” from Windows 2000 but I have also had machines running with Windows and macOS during that time. My last work computer was Windows 11 ( but I hardly used it ).

Hard to really put into words what kept me in Linux. At times, it has required work and knowledge Windows would not have demanded of me. At the same time, Linux has been largely free of “nonsense”. It just always felt like home.

[ Edit: thinking about I more. I have used Linux since 1992 and honestly moved from primarily OS/2 to mostly Linux. I really liked Windows 2000 though and used it well into the XP era. ]

xycu , (edited )

My “main” OS timeline was:

  • Apple II/C64
  • MS-DOS
  • OS/2
  • Linux

Technically I used windows 3.1 at times in DOS and OS/2 for some specific piece of software, but it was never what I primarily used and I don’t consider Windows 3.1 a proper operating system, it’s just a desktop environment.

Not sure exactly when, but I know by 2000 I was fully on board the Linux train.

Started using Linux in the days of floppy boot and root diskettes. Lived through the days of hand-crafted SLIP scripts for dial up internet. The days of needing to pay for working sound drivers. Manually calculating modelines in Xfree86.

I have primarily used Windows at work, probably been 99% windows and 1% Unix/Linux. I have had windows laptops and virtual machines for certain specific use cases but it has never been my main.

olympicyes ,

Wow OS/2! Windows 3.1 was awful but Windows 95 being so polished must have made you mad! Villain origin story material. My timeline was a more boring Apple II > Motorola Mac > Power PC Mac > Intel Mac > AMD Ubuntu > M1 Mac. AMA.

secret300 ,

I moved to Linux full time about a year after windows 10 released

olympicyes ,

I think Windows 10 is the best version they ever made but Windows 11 is a total fraud. So many elements are just wallpaper on top of old underpinnings, fake it til you make it but also less utility while being no more useful. I prefer Gnome to Win 11.

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