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Sounds like a bath that would go with fava beans and a nice Chianti …

PenisWenisGenius ,

This is too mild. Maybe I should make a reddit account and start posting about how sulfuric acid and bleach makes the best bubble bath.

nicknonya , avatar
RobotZap10000 ,

Softens hard water

TrickDacy ,

Correct use of English

Randelung ,

EQUAL PARTS water and soap!?

OhStopYellingAtMe , avatar

Not the entire bath. They’re talking about a bubble bath premix solution, which you would then add a capful or two to your regular bath water.

Randelung ,

Oh okay 😂

lightnsfw ,

The thing says a bubble bath not a bubble bath solution.

OhStopYellingAtMe , avatar

Most people call the bubble bath solution that you’d buy at the store and add to your bath water simply “bubble bath.” Google it.

lightnsfw ,

I don’t want to.

chuckleslord ,

I just ran this Google, here’s some more info:

So, that sure looks it’s talking about the actual bath not the solution. So, yes, it is suggesting a 1-to-1 soap to water in-the-bath mix. LLMs say stupid shit?! Since when?

I can readily admit that it pulled that info from a site about making bubble bath solution, but it doesn’t say that in the AI readout.

eager_eagle , avatar

Next search

  • how to take a bath without spending half of your salary in soap
LainTrain ,

“To taste” isn’t meant literally in the phrase. It’s an idiom, and you can use it in another context (e.g. add accessory to outfit to taste) as a clever way of saying “to one’s preferences.”

Although technically it’s original use in recipes isn’t actually meant that way, and actually means to keep adding and tasting the food as you go until it feels sufficient.

I also got tripped up on this when I was first learning English so don’t worry too much OP! It’s a fickle language.

boatsnhos931 ,

This guy bubbles

itsnotits ,

its* original use

Spezi , (edited )

There all is aching!

Relevant review

9point6 ,

I think I’ve been around on the internet too long because I just assume you can trace this concoction back to 4chan and it’ll create some kind of nerve agent

JayObey711 ,

For a perfect cosy bubbly bath mix equal parts ammonia and household bleach

gravitas_deficiency ,

Egg whites…? Is that actually a thing…?

Lemminary ,

There’s egg white soap, so maybe? I think it’d work because of the protein.

Norgur , avatar

I love the smell of salmonella and the feeling of egg white clots on my skin

Cobrachicken ,

Yay egg whites into hot water!

Hadriscus ,

giant foamy omelette

Lemminary ,

Weirdly enough, I don’t think the Salmonella would survive the soap and the egg whites would get emulsified, so it’s probably ok.

LucasWaffyWaf ,

I mean, Chris Rea did once pop Bob Mortimer into a bath with egg in it after recording a single for Middleborough FC.

veganpizza69 , avatar

UTI express infection

toothpaste_sandwich ,

I mean, you can have taste in clothing, too. Not sure if this is really a wrong turn of phrase.

subignition , avatar

Yeah, it's correct. "add x to taste" has always been shorthand for "add x to suit your personal tastes"

BennyInc ,

I wonder what equal parts would feel like. Would it still be liquid and everything dissolves? Or would it just be some slurry goo?

Tar_alcaran ,

My husband always used way too much dish soap, so I water it down 1:1. 50% liquid soap, 50% water looks basically exactly like liquid soap

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