There have been multiple accounts created with the sole purpose of posting advertisement posts or replies containing unsolicited advertising.

Accounts which solely post advertisements, or persistently post them may be terminated.

Socsa ,

ml seems to be coming a bit unwound. They have been super ban happy lately but enforce the rules very unevenly. Hexbears can post pig shit gifs, but citing mainstream political science gets you banned pretty reliably if you do it under the wrong gaze. It really is starting to look more and more like fediverse cancer.

LaLiLuLuCo ,

Hell to the yea.

DoucheBagMcSwag ,

Is federated with anyone?

Rolder ,

Well that’s a load of bullshit

Microw ,


A bit weird that they didnt want proof of misconduct, but hey

neshura , avatar

It’s the admins/lemmy devs, didn’t really expect anything else from them.

Blaze , avatar

Your instance looks cool!

neshura , avatar

thanks, not my own work entirely. @ludrol has been a godsend in helping me get everything set up moderation wise as well as second opinions on things. I mostly handle the technical side of things.

registrert , avatar

One of 'em are cool, the other a straight up fascist. Such is the the world.

Callie , avatar

Wouldn’t they use allegedly in the same way that news orgs use it? It’s lack of accountability if they get sued

FaceDeer , avatar

It kind of cuts both ways, though. If you want to actually punish something for doing something, "allegedly" doesn't really cut it.

Hey, I allege that lemmygrad has tons of Loli porn on it! No need to check, I'm alleging it. Guess it needs to be blacklisted now too?

kaboom36 ,

I’ve been on this instance for a about a month now, and I’ve not seen anything remotely like that

It would not shock me in the least if the reason this instance was put on that list was because of one of those “all weebs are pedos” jerks

DarkThoughts ,

Remember when a bunch of instances banned nsfwlemmy because they allegedly allowed pedo content, when in truth they just decided to not moderate fictional characters where the age was not obvious (like potentially 18, but plus / minus a couple years)?

I think especially should rather focus more on cleaning up their Tankie & moderator issues instead of chasing ghosts, because that instance is a toxic cesspool of assholes and disinformation.

cacheson , avatar

I think especially should rather focus more on cleaning up their Tankie & moderator issues

As much as I would love to see it, I don't think the lead devs of lemmy, who own both and, are going to ban themselves.

DarkThoughts ,

Then they might as well merge both instances.

Socsa ,

That’s how it was originally. They spun lemmygrad off to an entirely different serve because they made a halfhearted attempt at going mainstream, which seems to have lasted about 5 minutes

nix , avatar

It looks like they have a rule to forbid the content though might have just been posts that weren’t reported

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